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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 984

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 984

Liam shouted angrily. He looked at everybody, and all of them were looking at him with gazes of distrust. Even Old Master Hill, Valerie, Shaun, and Lea were suspicious of him.

“Mom, you don’t believe me as well?” Liam had an expression of despair. “I’m a part of the Hill family. I won’t do anything to betray Hill Corporation.”

“Liam… ” Lea gazed at him. She was at a loss. She had realized that she could not see through anybody. She had previously confidently said that Mason was innocent, but reality slapped her in the face.

“ Send him to the police station. ” Shaun suddenly coldly ordered Chance who was standing behind him. “Liam, I’ll investigate this matter to the end. I f I find out you were the one who did this, I’ll make your life a living hell.”

Liam felt cold all over. Before he knew it, Chance and a few members of Liona were bringing him out.

That mess finally came to an end.

However, everybody’s expressions were still down.

Shaun glanced at them and said with a dry voice, “ It’s late. You all should go back and rest.”

Director Owens smiled bitterly. “How can we sleep when something so serious has happened?”

Shaun pressed his lips together. “All these years, Hill Corporation has experienced ups and downs as well as many challenges. However, Hill Corporation has always emphasized trustworthiness. Since Hill Corporation has breached the contracts. I won’t pay a cent less compensation to our business partners. If there’s not enough money, I’ll pay the remaining amount myself. If Hill Corporation really can’t hold on anymore, I’ll take all the blame and resign.”

He turned around and left after he spoke.

However, he did not leave the company. He went to the office on the top floor straight away.

Not long after he sat down, Hadley rushed in and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, Old Master Hill fainted after he walked out of the conference room.”

Shaun’s gaze darkened. He immediately stood up and went to the hospital.

At the hospital, after saving Old Master Hill, the doctor said he had been overstimulated, which

caused cerebral venous thrombosis. He’ll be paralyzed in the future.

This was undoubtedly equivalent to adding insult to injury for the Hill family.

Valerie was furious and started fighting with Lea on the spot. “It’s all your fault, Lea! Look at what you’ve done. At first, you found a traitorous husband. Then, the two sons you gave birth to are problematic as well. One of them stole the company’s secrets, while the other snatched another person’s wife. Dad hasn’t been in a good mood these days. When he went fishing, he was mocked by others who said the Hill family is uneducated. Now, he’s even paralyzed after getting angry at you guys.”

Spencer crouched at the side lifelessly. He let them fight all they wanted, while he was in a daze.

Lea let Valerie hit her too. Her mind was buzzing. Valerie’s scoldings were like whips landing on her, and she felt as if her whole life was a joke.

As a wife, she chose the wrong husband and harmed the Hill family. As a mother, she did not educate her sons properly.

She covered her face and cried in agony.

Shaun put out his hand and stopped Valerie’s arm. “

Enough, this is the hospital. If you keep being loud and noisy, I can ask the security guards to bring you out of here.”

“Shaun, what right do you have to interfere? You’re about to become nothing at all. Australia’s wealthiest man? The favored one? Haha, Liam is about to be the one in charge. Oh, by the way, he might change his name to Liam Campos, haha.”

Valerie started crying and scolding hysterically. Shaun pressed his lips tightly together. Suddenly, Yvette rushed over in tears. “It’s bad. Willie was caught! ”

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