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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 982

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 982

“Why are all of you hovering around my dad? My dad is already so old and he’s fretting over this matter too. Besides, do you think you’re the only ones who are worried? We’re losing our position as the most powerful family.”

“ Stop quarreling. ” Lea raised her voice and coldly stopped them. “The most important matter now is to find the mole in the company. We have to figure out who’s the one who leaked the laboratory’s data.”

“What use is there even if we catch the mole? Even if we catch that person, the reputation of Hill Corporation will still be tarnished.”

A shareholder said bitterly, “The bosses of the companies who signed contracts with us will look for us with the contracts in hand tomorrow morning. We can’t avoid compensating them. If we don’t pay up, we’ll have to take this to court. Doing so will cause the company’s reputation to hit rock bottom. Who will dare to collaborate with us in the future? What will happen to the company after we compensate the money? Will we go bankrupt?”

“Are you done talking?”

Shaun walked to the front with long strides. The white lights on top shone on his handsome, upright body. His cool aura was filled with the dominance of someone who had sat in the top position for a long time.

“Hill Corporation won’t go bankrupt. I’ll investigate the matter regarding the leaked data thoroughly. From now on, every senior manager in the company might be the mole. If I find out who the mole is, I’ll make that person’s life a living hell.”

Director Owens suddenly sneered and said, “I think Liam must be the mole.”

Lea and Liam’s expressions changed. Lea said furiously, “Director Owens, please do not simply accuse others. Liam is my son. His last name is Hill as well. He’ll never do anything to betray the Hill family.”

“Hah! His last name may be Hill, but his father’s last name is Campos, ” Director Owens said angrily, “About half a month ago, my wife saw Liam, Mason, Maurice, and Charlie in a coffee house.”

Liam’s heart sank. He had a bad feeling. He did not think that someone had spotted him that time.

“Director Owens, it’s perfectly normal for me to have coffee with my dad and uncle. We frequently meet whenever I go to the Campos family— ”

“Forget it, Liam. Stop defending yourself.”

Director Owens said angrily, “Just today, I received some information. The mysterious shareholder

who holds 6o percent of the shares of Campos Corporation is your dad, Mason Campos.

“And here’s another thing. Just an hour ago, Landell Group made a statement. They’re already collaborating with Campos Corporation and handed over the microchip’s copyright in Australia to them. In other words, if any company in Australia wishes to use Landell Group’s microchip, they’ll have to look for Campos Corporation.”

“That’s impossible.”

Many shareholders were shocked. The expressions of the Hill family members were awful as well.

Lea, in particular, was completely shocked.

“This is impossible! How can Mason possibly be the largest shareholder in Campos Corporation?”

“You all are too stupid! ” Director Owens scolded. “ Mason is an ambitious person. He’s better at hiding than his brother Maurice and Charlie. He’s the

mastermind behind the scenes. He’s only revealing himself today because the Campos family is about to replace the Hill family as the most powerful

family in Australia. He has nothing to worry about anymore.”

“That Mason is too scary.”

Valerie muttered to herself. Spencer sucked in a breath too, saying, “More than 2o years ago, the Campos family was just a small family that wasn’t well-known in Canberra. They weren’t more than ants in the eyes of the Hill family. They’re actually surpassing the Hill family now.”

Old Master Hill closed his eyes. He let out a long sigh upon realizing it was too late for them to do anything now.

The Campos family had already risen back then,

and they had been laying out their plans carefully in the past three years.

“Liam is Mason’s son. The shares of Campos Corporation will be his in the future. Helping Mason is equivalent to helping himself.” Valerie cast a furious stare at Liam. “Liam, you leaked the company’s confidential data. Are you trying to destroy the Hill family?”

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