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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 980

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 980

“Don’t you dare.”

Shaun gritted his teeth and warned Catherine fiercely. There was coldness, confusion, and a sense of loss in his eyes.

Her words were like knives.

In the past days, her obedience and silence made him think she had gotten used to it and come around. He finally understood that it was his wishful thinking all along.

When he thought about the possibility of her leaving this world, his mind was overwhelmed with fear. He did not even think before speaking.

“Catherine Jones, if you dare end yourself, I’ll make all your friends and family die along with you.”

“You madman! You’re a demon! ” Catherine cursed viciously, “I curse you that sooner or later, all of your friends and family will leave you. There’ll be nobody by your side. Everyone will hate and despise you. Your company will go bankrupt, and you’ll be left with nothing.”

“ Scold me all you want. No matter how viciously you scold me, I’ll never let you go.” Shaun suppressed the bitterness in his heart. He warned, “ Since you didn’t get pregnant this time, then we’ll try again. If one month doesn’t work, then two months… I’ll make sure you get pregnant. I have ample time.”

He walked out with long strides after he spoke.

When he left, he heard the sound of things being smashed and the cries of the woman.

He was filled with bitterness, and even tears welled up in his eyes.

The woman he loved had cursed him. Hah! He had thought of letting her go too.

However, whenever he saw her together with

Wesley, he would rather go to hell with her.

In the study, Shaun sat on the table and downed glass after glass of wine.

In the past, he did not like to drink nor smoke. However, only those things could numb him at the moment.

His phone rang. When he picked it up, Hadley’s anxious voice sounded.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, there’s trouble. Landell Group was ahead of us and launched their newest microchip today. However, their microchip’s data is exactly the same as the data of our Purdue Microchip. What’s even worse is that our microchip’s data in the laboratory is all gone.”

“What did you say?”

Shaun stood up abruptly. He broke the wine glass with his bare hands, shouting, “Didn’t I ask the members of Liona to guard the lab? How did the data go missing? What a bunch of fools! ”

“We don’t know. We’re in the middle of investigating it, ” Hadley muttered, “However, the lab has indeed been heavily guarded these days.

Only a few of Hill Corporation’s senior managers could enter the lab.

“Young Master Hill, ever since Landell Group’s microchip was launched this morning, our company’s shares have plummeted. We’re suffering a loss of 2oo billion dollars. I reckon it’ll drop more tomorrow. The situation will be dire if this continues. The company is in a mess now. You have to come back immediately.”

“Okay, I’ll go back right away.”

Shaun hung up with a heavy heart. He quickly went to the master bedroom.

Catherine was bathing inside. Suddenly, the bathroom door was pushed open.

She almost screamed at the sight of Shaun standing at the door. “What are you doing? I’m bathing now. Get out!”

Although she had sex with him multiple times, she still could not accept him watching her bathe.

Shaun stared at her in confusion.

Previously, he thought he could lead Hill Corporation to be the top in the world with the microchip. That way, no one could take Catherine away from him.

However, Hill Corporation was under an unprecedented attack.

They had been caught off guard.

Shaun had a feeling that this would be the most challenging time in his whole life. He did not know whether he had the confidence to keep her or not.

“Cathy…” He went under the shower and kissed her wet lips hard.

Water poured on them both. Catherine could barely open her eyes, but she still pushed him away

furiously. ”Shaun, knock it off! You can’t even leave me alone when I’m having my period.”

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