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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 979

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 979

At first, Shaun thought he got hurt somewhere.

However, he panicked when he found no wounds on his leg. If it was not his blood, then it was Catherine’s.

He lightly lifted the covers. He noticed that the back of her underwear was stained.

Although he had not experienced menstruation before, he knew that Catherine was definitely on her period.

However, did she not have her period less than 20 days ago? Why was she on her period again?

He realized something in an instant.

If she did not actually have her period the last time, then according to estimations, she would have been fertile during that period.

Could it be that her period had never come at all previously?

Where did the blood come from, then?

He suddenly recalled that among the wounds she

sustained when she fell from the reef at the seaside last time, one of them was very deep.

He understood everything in an instant. She had been lying to him all along.

After Catherine woke up, she quickly noticed the discomfort her body was in.

Her period came. According to the date, it was about time it came.

She could feel that her underwear was stained. She hoped Shaun would not notice.

However, this could not be hidden for long. How could she explain it to him? Should she say that her period came early because she was under tremendous stress?

Forget it. She decided to take a bath first.

She sat up. Suddenly, she saw a towering figure sitting on the sofa in the room with his long legs elegantly crossed. There was a cigarette between the man’s fingers. The smoke blurred his

handsome outline.

However, Catherine’s heart skipped a beat. She had a bad feeling.

She looked at him, and Shaun extinguished the cigarette. His clear eyes were like icy shards. “You slashed your leg so that you could pretend you were having your period. In order to conceal the wound, you deliberately fell off the reef. You’ve put in a lot of effort for this.”

Catherine’s thick eyelashes were downcast. Since he had guessed everything, there was no need for her to defend herself.

“Cathy, are you simply taking advantage of my love and pampering?” Shaun stood up and walked to the bedside. “Do you believe that from now on, I’ll have sex with you even if you’re on your period?”

Catherine shuddered. After a while, she sneered.

“Not touching me during my period is your love

and pampering? Don’t make me laugh. gg percent of the men in this world wouldn’t have sex with women during their period. Firstly, they find it

dirty. Secondly, they’re afraid of hurting the

woman’s body.

“ Shaun, this is something all men would do. Don’t make it seem as if you’re so great.

“I don’t know in what way you’ve pampered me. What you’re doing now is treating me like a pet. I don’t have freedom at all. I can’t even fight back

when you want me to become pregnant, and you can have sex with me as you like.”

As she continued talking, she started trembling out of anger.

She could be losing control of her emotions because of her period, or maybe the frustrations had been pent up inside her for too long.

She yelled hysterically at him while crying, “This love of yours is too scary! I’d rather not have your love at all. Why didn’t you love Sarah like this in the past, yet you’re loving me this way now? Do you know days like these really make me feel like I’m in a living hell? I always think of just jumping into the sea to drown myself.”

If it were not for Lucas and Suzie, she might have jumped long ago.

In the end, she still felt bad for those two children. They would be too pitiful if their father was a sc* mbag and they lost their mother.

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