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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 978

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 978

Catherine stood up and walked to another side. Her attitude was cold.

Shaun sighed as he watched her from behind. At that moment, his phone rang.

It was Clifton who called. His voice was trembling with excitement as he said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, the research and development of Purdue Microchip has succeeded.”

“Is it?” Shaun nodded calmly. “You did well.”

Clifton was shocked. “Eldest Young Master Hill, aren’t you excited at all? You’ve invested more than ten billion dollars into this tiny microchip.

Moreover, this is the world’s top microchip. No other company can surpass this. I reckon Hill Corporation’s market value will triple at the very least.”

“Okay, ” Shaun replied calmly, “You can let out the news that the microchip has been successfully developed and hold a press conference half a month later. I’ll attend it when the time comes.”

“When are you coming back?” Clifton said in a hurry, “When the news goes out, it’ll surely attract the top companies all over the world in other industries to collaborate with us. The company desperately requires your presence. Besides, this is a very important matter. It’s better for you to be personally involved in everything from the marketing to the collaborations.”

Shaun looked at Catherine who was nearby with complicated feelings. He lowered his voice and said, “I don’t have time now. The company spent so much money to hire those senior managers. It’s time for them to do their jobs.”


Clifton had no choice. His boss was a man in love, after all. “The information related to the microchip

“I’ll have Chance assign some people to protect the laboratory. You should stay at the lab these few days, ” Shaun ordered.

After all, this matter could draw the attention of the whole world. There might even be some extreme competitors who would want to hurt Clifton.


After ending the call with Clifton, Shaun gave Chance a call. He did not deliberately hide from Catherine.

There were only both of them at the seaside. As he gave Chance orders, his voice traveled to Catherine’s ears as well.

She felt more shocked as she continued listening.

She did not think that Hill Corporation’s advanced microchip would be developed so soon. She did not know how much Hill Corporation’s market value would spike after this microchip was launched. No one in Australia, or even in the whole world, could compete against Shaun then.

Her heart was in despair.

Could she not escape nor hide from this man forever?

“Cathy, you’re about to become the wife of the wealthiest man in the world. ” Shaun hugged her from behind all of a sudden. His hand rested on her lower abdomen. “Our children will be nobler than princes and princesses.”

Catherine glanced at him helplessly. “Do you think I care about all this?”

“Cathy, I just want to tell you that leaving me and

returning to Wesley’s side is an impossible matter. What does Wesley have to compete against me?

Crushing him is as easy as crushing an ant to me.”

Shaun forcefully turned her shoulders around. He lowered his head and bit on her soft lower lip.

Catherine had no words.

Sometimes, she thought maybe she should just accept her fate. With her capabilities, she really could not escape this man anyway.

Nevertheless, she still felt resentful.

In the blink of an eye, ten days passed. On the big messy bed in the morning.

Shaun woke up first. The woman beside him was still fast asleep. Last night’s activity had made her exhausted.

He properly tucked her in with the blanket. When he got up, he realized there were bloodstains on his leg…

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