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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 975

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 975

Liam stayed upstairs for a long time.

Indeed, Mason’s words had come as a huge blow to him.

He was wavering, but Lea would be very depressed i f he helped Mason. Even his grandparents would be disappointed in him.

He often found them treating him unfairly and was dissatisfied with it, but sometimes, he had to admit that Shaun was more capable than him.

Having said that, he did not wish to play second fiddle to Shaun forever.

In Shaun’s eyes, Liam was just someone whom he could banish anytime.

Amid his agonizing dilemma, Suzie suddenly gave him a call.

“Daddy, why haven’t you come to pick me up? Many kids have already left.”

He abruptly came to his senses, only to find that it was nearly 5:00 p.m. “Okay, I’ll be there in a moment.”

On his way there, he received a call from Old Madam Campos.

By the time he arrived at the preschool, it was already 5:30 p.m. With a pout, Suzie got into his car.

“Uncle Liam, Mommy still hasn’t contacted me. Where did my scummy dad bring her? Am I not going to see Mommy anymore? I miss her so badly.” The little kid was about to tear up as she spoke.

“No. Shaun must’ve taken your mom away to live i n their own little world.” Liam could not help but think it over and continue, “Perhaps your mom will come back with a baby brother or sister for you.”

“That’s unlikely.” Suzie was shocked to hear that. “ My mommy has already married Uncle Wesley. If she’s pregnant with my scummy dad’s children… I don’t think it’ll be good.”

Liam coughed lightly. Of course, that would not be a good thing. However, it was possible for Shaun to do such a thing considering his mental illness.

“Anyhow, don’t worry. Shaun loves your mommy, so he won’t hurt her.”

Only then did Suzie feel at ease. “Uncle Liam, where

are we going? This doesn’t seem like the way back to the manor.”

“We’re going to have dinner in the Campos family’s house, ” Liam explained, “Your great-grandma called me and told me that she wants us to have dinner there.”

“Ah, I don’t want to!” Suzie immediately shook her head. “I don’t want to go there. Please send me back to the manor first.”

“Suzie, you’ll be fine. All of them think that you’re my daughter. Also, your great-grandpa and great- grandma are there.” Liam reassured her in a soft tone.

“No.” Suzie pouted. “They don’t like me. Every time I go there, they ignore me. Last time, it was Jill who pushed me first, but Great-grandma told me off and didn’t scold Jill at all. She even said that the

Hill family didn’t teach me well and called me ill- bred.”

Liam found it unbelievable. Jill was the daughter of Mason’s cousin, and she always played around in the Campos family’s house.

Suzie supposedly shared closer ties to the Campos family. Nevertheless, why did Old Madam Campos favor her relative’s granddaughter instead? She

went too far with those remarks.

“Suzie, could there be a misunderstanding?”

“There isn’t any misunderstanding. I even overheard Jill asking the other kids in the Campos family not to play with me. They like to play with Benny. They even said that I’m annoying.”

Suzie said angrily, “They thought I didn’t hear it, but I have good hearing. I heard it all.”

“Who’s Benny?”

Suzie’s words bewildered Liam further. There were a lot of relatives, servants, and children in the Campos family. However, he had never heard of anyone named Benny.

“I don’t know. I’ve never seen him.” Suzie shook her head. “Also, whenever I go to the Campos family’s house, Great-grandma won’t allow me to touch the things there. I can feel that they don’t like me.”

As Liam listened to what Suzie said, he felt increasingly upset.

He was not upset with Suzie but with the Camposes.

Although Suzie was not his biological daughter, she was his niece, after all. He was fond of her because she was clever and cute. Upon knowing that his grandmother treated Suzie this way, he was overwhelmed with disappointment.

At the same time, Suzie’s words seemed like a bucket of cold water that was poured over him.

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