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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 974

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 974

“There’s nothing to think about—” Charlie leaped to his feet in a huff.

“Charlie, give him some time, ” Mason interrupted him with an admonishing voice. “Think carefully, Liam. Once Hill Corporation’s microchip successfully launches into the market, Hill Corporation will become the most powerful enterprise in the world. Shaun is going to receive all the glory, while you’ll still be a poor general manager. You don’t even own any shares in Hill Corporation and you have to rely on your mom to give you the shares in the future.

“What’s more, your mom and Shaun’s relationship seem to have improved a lot these days, ” Maurice added grimly, “I wonder how many shares Lea will pass to you by then? But your dad is different.

You’re his only son.”

Liam’s eyes flashed with a complicated feeling. For a long time, he remained silent.

Mason glanced at him and laughed. “I’m waiting to

hear good news from you.”

As soon as Mason finished his sentence, he was ready to leave.

“Dad… ” Liam suddenly turned around and asked, “ Aren’t you afraid that… Mom will be upset after she finds out?”

Lea had sacrificed so much for Mason, yet Mason’s ultimate goal was to destroy Hill Corporation. How depressed Lea would feel if she learned about this?

A startled look crossed Mason’s face. “Liam, I’ll make it up to your mom after that. Sometimes, you’re only given one chance on your path to success. Moreover, your mom wouldn’t be who she i s today without the Hill family’s support. Even when she depends on a husband like me and a son like you in the future, her noble status will remain.”

“Liam, if I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate at all. Remember that every son takes their father’s last name, so Campos should be your last name, ” Charlie reminded Liam sternly.

Liam furrowed his brows deeply as he felt torn.

He did not even notice that Charlie and the rest had left.

Mason, Maurice, and Charlie got into a black car after they reached downstairs.

Charlie asked, “Eldest Uncle, do you think Liam will help us?”

“It doesn’t matter.” Mason’s gentle expression from when he was upstairs disappeared. He lit a cigarette while looking impassive.

Maurice chuckled. “Brother, you’re really heartless toward your biological son.”

Narrowing his eyes, Mason continued to light the cigarette.


Ha! He could be heartless because Liam was not his son.

Liam was Lea and Brennan’s son.

That night, Lea was drunk and had slept with Brennan instead of Mason. However, Mason came after Brennan left.

Lea happened to be pregnant at that time, so Mason only followed along and married her.

Throughout the years, he had been putting up with Lea and Liam, these fools.

As for Liam and Shaun, Mason could not wait to see these two biological brothers fighting with each other.

They would never discover the truth! Although Mason owned 6o percent of the shares in Campos Corporation, he would never give them to Liam.

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