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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 973

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 973

A meaningful smile crossed Maurice’s face. “I heard Team Clifton is close to succeeding in developing Purdue Microchip.”

Liam’s eyes narrowed and he sighed deeply. ‘Sure


Charlie had brought up this matter to Liam a few times, but Liam did not expect that Maurice would show up in person this time. Even Mason…

Liam’s gaze revealed mixed feelings. He used to think that Mason was an elegant person who merely devoted his attention to art without being concerned about what was going on in the outside world. He used to believe that Mason exposed Shaun’s mental illness three years ago merely for the sake of the Campos family.

By the look of things now, however, Liam felt that his father was far from simple.

“ Second Uncle, I’ve told Charlie before that Shaun doesn’t allow me to be involved in the matters regarding the laboratory, ” Liam explained in a low voice.

“That was before,” Charlie said with a smile, “Now, it’s different since Shaun isn’t in Australia. Once the product is developed, all kinds of advertisements need to be underway. As the general manager of Hill Corporation, you’re to approve the formalities. As such, you can easily obtain information about the microchip.”

Liam took the coffee cup. He lowered his head and lightly sipped on it. His actions hid the glint in his eyes.

To be frank, he was very disappointed in the Campos family.

Overlooking the fact that the Campos family had been treating him as an outsider these days, they were being too greedy. As the second most influential family in Australia, the Camposes had been trying to find a way to steal the product that someone else had spent a great deal of money and effort on rather than improve their company’s products with their own abilities. How shameful their behavior was!

Of course, Liam admitted that he was not a noble person either. In the past, he had used underhand means to secure his position in Hill Corporation. Even so, he had his limits.

After realizing that Liam was not uttering a word, Maurice said softly, “Liam, your last name might be Hill, but your dad’s last name is Campos. You’re a member of the Campos family. It’s just a matter of the last name. After all, the Hills are considered outsiders. Think about how the Hill family has been treating you these years. Shaun got everything even though you’re Lea’s son as well. 1

“You might be the general manager of Hill Corporation, but you’re merely in charge of the section in the company that doesn’t pay you well. Are you content with this? Are you planning to continue living in a daze? Here’s the chance for you to make it big.”

“Dad…” Liam shifted his gaze to Mason in spite of himself.

He did not believe Maurice’s words no matter how glib the man was. After all, the Camposes often offered false hopes.

Mason leaned back a little, his eyes darkening.“ Liam, there’s one thing that I’ve been keeping you in the dark about. I have 6o percent of the shares in Campos Corporation.”

Liam was taken aback. Never had he thought that his father would hide this fact so well.

6o percent of the shares was equivalent to a considerable amount of wealth. However, the public was unaware of it.

Hismother wasprobably ignorantof it too.

As Liam was thinking it through, he found his father to be quite scary.

Meanwhile, Charlie topped up Liam’s coffee. “In fact, I decided to restrain myself in front of the public previously to avoid the Hill family from learning about this. Think about it. You’re Eldest Uncle’s only son. Who else will take over the shares of Campos Corporation except you? Campos Corporation will be ours sooner or later.”

Liam was totally perplexed. He did not say anything for a while.

Indeed, if Mason owned 6o percent of the shares, those shares would go to Liam since he was Mason’s son.

If the Campos family became the most influential family in the future, Liam would be able to destroy Shaun.

Mason gave him a profound gaze and said gently, “ Liam, I know you’re very surprised. But as the eldest son of the Campos family, I just have to bear

with certain things. If I don’t do so, the Camposes wouldn’t be who they are today. As a man, don’t you want to build a successful career? No matter how great your mom is, Hill Corporation is still considered her own venture. I can never have a hand in it. What’s more, the Hills have looked down on me from the very beginning. Every time I see you being oppressed by Shaun, I feel upset as your dad. Well, I’m experiencing the same situation as well. Once you’ve weathered the storm, I’ll give you everything I have.” 1 Liam jerked. After some time, he answered with mixed feelings, “Let me think about it, Dad.”

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