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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 971

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 971

After hearing this, Shaun’s handsome face became gentle.

Throughout the past week, Catherine always looked indifferent and resentful no matter how hard he tried to please her.

Now, she was willing to change into a dress and stroll along the seaside with him. Did this mean that she had slowly come to terms with reality?

“Go ahead.”

After exhorting her lightly, he suddenly regretted bringing too few dresses for her.

He called Hadley at once. “Choose a few more dresses and send them over here. I want those that are suitable to be worn at the beach and in my wife’s size.”

The corners of Hadley’s mouth twitched. ‘Your wife?

‘Have you no shame?

‘She’s actually Wesley’s wife.’

“Eldest Young Master Hill, please return to the office if you’re available.” Hadley added helplessly, “Recently, Hill Corporation has been receiving a lot of flak. Old Master Hill and Old Madam Hill are so pissed that they’re close to falling sick. The Hills and the company’s shareholders come to the office every day to look for me. The public has been attacking us, and the share prices of Hill Corporation keep declining.”

“Isn’t it normal for share prices to rise and decline?” Shaun responded in a light-hearted manner, “Ask Chester to release news regarding some celebrities’ moral degeneracy. Everyone will slowly forget about this incident.”

Hadley was speechless. ‘Aren’t you putting Young Master Jewell in a difficult position by doing this? In terms of moral degeneracy, nobody can beat you.’

“As for Old Master Hill and Old Madam Hill, if they ask about me, just tell them that I’m helping the Hill family produce grandchildren. Ask them not to worry about me. Those shareholders won’t be bothered about it as long as they have enough money to spend. I’m the decision-maker of Hill Corporation. Anyone who’s not happy about the decision I made can get lost.”

As soon as Shaun finished speaking, he hung up the phone.

He raised his head only to see Catherine walking down the stairs in a long red dress with a polka dot pattern on it. Despite not wearing any makeup, she looked like a seductive vixen with her pretty face and snowy skin.

Shaun went forward. Then, he locked his arms around her waist and hugged her. With a hoarse voice, he said, “You look beautiful.”

Catherine could immediately sense the change in him. As his body grew tense, she seriously wondered if this man had actually evolved from a wild animal. Why did such a change in him occur when she had merely changed into a dress?

“It seems like you’ll never get tanned no matter how you expose yourself to the sun.” Shaun caressed her shoulders. They seldom went out over the last few days, but the blazing sun at the seaside had tanned his skin. However, she was still as fair as before.

Catherine looked down and ignored him.

Shaun did not mind. He walked out of the manor with his hands wrapped around her waist.

The beach here was very clean. Catherine lifted her head and looked into the distance. If Shaun had not

captured her here, she would think that this place was a wonderful tourist attraction.

“I’m tired.”

After walking for a while, she sat under a coconut tree on the beach. “I’m thirsty. I want to drink some coconut water.”


Shaun was very pleased that she was making a request of her own accord. “Wait for me here. I’m going to fetch it for you.”

He was not at all worried that Catherine would flee, given the vast sea and absence of boats here. Not even a single stranger could be found on this island.

After Catherine noticed that he had left, she rose to her feet and climbed onto the reef near the sea.

She deliberately hurt herself where her existing wound was on the reef. When she saw Shaun coming, she pretended to slip from the reef and fell into the sea.

“Cathy…” Shaun happened to catch sight of this scene. He was so shocked that he jumped into the sea without hesitation. He swam toward her and swiftly lifted her from the sea. “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay… ” After Catherine finished her sentence with a frown, a slashing sound was heard.

Shaun hurriedly carried her to the shore and checked her wound. He realized that the back of her leg had been grazed. Seemingly, there was a part of her skin that was slashed by a sharp rock and resulted in a deep wound.

“Let me bring you back and bandage it.”

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