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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 970

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 970

When Shaun almost reached the gate, the butler approached him with a pill and a glass of water.

“Take it.” Shaun passed the pill to Catherine.

“What’s this?” Catherine shuddered deep down. She did not dare take it.

“A contraceptive pill, ” Shaun explained with darkened eyes, “I slept with you last night, but you were in Melbourne a few nights before, so you might have done it with Wesley. I must make sure that you won’t get pregnant with Wesley’s child.”

Catherine did not know what to say. She had not done anything with Wesley, but this pill might at least prevent her from getting pregnant after doing i t last night.

As such, she took the pill without hesitation.

After swallowing it, she was plunged into deep thought.

Considering that she would most likely get pregnant in the next few days, she had to think of a way to avoid it.

After Catherine took a shower at night, she slashed herself across the back leg with a sharp object.

Then, she stained her panties with blood.

As soon as she finished doing this, she said to Shaun, “Do you have sanitary pads? I’m having my period.”

“What a coincidence.” Shaun raised his brows. Clearly, he did not believe her at all. “You’re trying to find an excuse to avoid getting pregnant, huh?”

“I’m not lying. If you don’t believe it, you can check yourself.”

Once Catherine finished her sentence, Shaun pushed her onto the bed.

Shaun checked and realized that she was actually bleeding.

He frowned grimly, but his frown soon faded.

Since he planned to keep her here for a month, she would still have her period anyway. When she got it would not make a difference.

“I’ll ask a servant to get you some pads.” Shortly after, the servant passed her the pads.

After Catherine put on a sanitary pad, Shaun carried her to the bed.

She was wrapped in his arms the whole night.

The next day, she woke up to his kiss, which became an everyday routine.

Catherine still had to be very cautious. Every day, she squeezed blood out of her wound and stained the pad with the blood. She was worried that the servant who took out the trash would notice something unusual.

On the seventh day.

Shaun took a bikini and walked to Catherine. “Babe, your period is over now. I’m taking you to the seaside to go swimming today.”

Catherine looked at the pink bikini, which was pretty and sexy.

If she wore it, Shaun would definitely notice the wound on her back leg. She had a feeling that Shaun would certainly sleep with her tonight. As such, she had to quickly conceal the wound or he would suspect her.

“No, I don’t like swimming.” She looked away. “Go

ahead if you want to but I’m not joining.”

“ If you’re not swimming, what’s the point of me swimming alone? ” Shaun hugged her and placed her on his thighs.

Catherine did not resist him. After all, no matter how hard she tried resisting him during this period, she was not as strong as him. As time passed, she could not be bothered to waste her energy anymore.

“Fine, then. I’ll stroll along the seaside with you.” He comforted her gently. Struck by an idea, Catherine nodded a moment later. “Okay, but I want to go upstairs and change into a long dress.”

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