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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 969

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 969

The butler’s expression changed when he came in with a first aid kit. “Eldest Young Master Hill, you’re very badly injured. You must get a professional doctor to treat you.”

“ It’s fine. Just get me some gauze and I’ll bandage my wound myself.”

Shaun spoke deeply and indifferently.

After his wound was bandaged, he went downstairs only to find that Catherine was not there anymore. After he asked a servant, he learned that she had gone to the study.

He headed to the study and found that she was trying to switch on the computer.

The moment Catherine heard his footsteps, she glared at him vigilantly.

“Don’t bother switching it on. I’ve had all the network cables unplugged. ” Shaun calmly walked over to her. “You don’t need to borrow the servants ‘ phones either. They’re not even Australians. The language barrier is one thing, but their phones can

only be used to contact people from their own country.”

“Where the hell is this?” Catherine sank into despair upon hearing him. “ Shaun, if you have the guts, you can lock me up forever. You took me away in public, so it’s considered kidnapping. My dad can definitely report it to the police and have them arrest you.”

“ I’ve talked to your dad. I told him he should not call the police if he’s concerned about your safety. ”

Shaun caressed her face affectionately. Those who were unaware of the situation would think that they were a loving couple. “After all, I’m mentally ill. If I get desperate, I could do anything crazy.”

With the most gentle tone, he told Catherine about how he had threatened her father. She shuddered and smacked his hand away.

Shaun then smiled and said, “Of course, I can’t possibly stop him from seeing you forever. After all, your dad might still do something about it. I told him that I’ll allow you to return one month later to make him feel better. I just want to spend some time with you in our little world and make you fall for me again.”

“I won’t fall for someone who kidnapped me.

Dream on!” Catherine bellowed furiously, “I’m going to make sure we split for good once I leave this place.”

“Are you sure you can make a clean break from me?” Shaun bit his lip thoughtfully.

Catherine found it strange at first, yet she grasped the meaning in no time and shuddered.

Why would he want to make her stay here with him for a month? If they slept together for this one month, she might get pregnant with his baby.

“Shaun Hill, you’re really despicable ! I’d rather die than get pregnant with your child,” she hysterically yelled at him.

“Cathy, you were once pregnant with my children, which means that our bodies are still fine. If I accompany you every night for this one month, it’s likely that you’ll get pregnant.”

As Shaun talked about it, the blood inside him

began to boil.

Their children did not manage to survive back then, but this time, he would make sure they would be safely delivered. “Suzie’s very cute, right? We can certainly give birth to a child as cute as Suzie.”

“I can’t be bothered to entertain you.”

Catherine was almost going insane because of him. “Stop dreaming! Even if I get pregnant with your child, I’ll abort it.”

“If you insist on having an abortion, I’ll have no choice but to keep you here until you give birth to our child.”

Shaun gazed at her indifferently. “Believe me, I can afford to do this. Soon, Hill Corporation is going to invent a type of microchip that’ll bring upon a change in the global market this time. Not only will Hill Corporation continue to be the most excellent company in Australia, but I’ll also be one of the top five entrepreneurs in the world. No one in this world can get in my way.”

Catherine was astounded.

Never had she thought that the development of Hill Corporation would reach this extent.

If what Shaun said was true, even the prime minister would not be able to do anything to him.

“As long as you give birth to our child, regardless whether it’s a daughter or a son, all my assets will belong to them.” Shaun cupped her face softly. “ Cathy, I was preoccupied with my career development before this to make Hill Corporation soar high. But ever since I fell for you, I realized

that it’s completely pointless to make so much money. I just want to be with you. Let’s enjoy some quality time together here during this period.”

He gently kissed her on the lips. Catherine looked dazed.

She had underestimated Shaun. She regretted returning to Australia and offending Shaun.

Back then, she had focused her mind on taking revenge on Sarah. However, she overlooked how crazy this man could be.

“This island is beautiful. Let me take you out for a walk.” Shaun hugged her stiff body while walking out.

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