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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 963

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 963

A look of frustration washed over Shaun’s face.

Catherine had told him many times that she was not in love with him, and he knew that she meant it.

He actually made a woman stop loving him. Haha.

“It doesn’t matter if you don’t love me. You loved me back then, and now, it’s my turn to love you and time for you to torture me. It’s fair now.”

As soon as Shaun finished speaking, he held her arm and pulled her into his embrace.

“What are you doing? Let me go, Shaun. By doing this, you’ re not making me torture you. Instead, you’re torturing me again.” Catherine struggled furiously and even attacked him.

It was Logan who taught her martial arts. However, she was soon defeated.

Shaun forcefully carried her to the manor. The butler walked up to him and said, “Eldest Young Master Hill, everything in the church is ready.”

Catherine had a sinking feeling. After she was taken to the church, she had a bad premonition when she saw the decorations at the venue. It looked like a wedding ceremony was being held. “What are you trying to do? I already had a wedding ceremony

with Wesley this afternoon.”

“Forget about it. Today is our wedding.” Shaun dragged her to the priest by force. “We can now begin the ceremony.”


The priest asked Shaun with a grin, “Shaun Hill, do you take Catherine Jones to be your lawful wife and live with her according to God’s ordinance? Will you live together with her in holy marriage and promise from this day onward to love her, honor her, comfort her, and treasure her until death parts both of you?”

Shaun curled his lips into a smile. “I do.”

The priest shifted his gaze to Catherine. “Catherine Jones, do you take Shaun Hill to be your lawful husband and live with him according to God’s ordinance? Will you live together with him in holy marriage and promise from this day onward to love him, honor him, comfort him, and treasure him until death parts both of you?”

Catherine snorted. “I don’t—”

“She does. ” Shaun covered her mouth before she could finish her sentence.

In a fit of fury, she stepped on Shaun’s foot. However, he did not seem to feel the pain at all. He lifted her finger. The moment he saw the diamond ring on her finger, his eyes narrowed. He took off the ring and immediately threw it away. After that, he took a pink ring from his pocket and placed it on her finger.

The priest smiled and said, “The groom may now kiss the bride.”

Catherine widened her limpid eyes. Before she could come to her senses, Shaun had locked her lips with his in an overbearing manner.

She kept biting him, yet he did not stop kissing her. She even tasted the blood from his mouth.

The kiss lasted for a long time. After all, Catherine was a woman who was easily embarrassed. At the thought of the priest’s presence, her pretty face turned crimson.

After Shaun let go of her, he smirked at the sight of her embarrassed face.

The priest said while smiling, “I now pronounce

you husband and wife. Congratulations.”


Shaun acknowledged the priest’s words with a deep voice. Then, he carried Catherine again and headed to the main building.

When Catherine entered the master bedroom on the second floor again, she noticed that the blanket had been changed to a white one with a heart shape formed by roses at the center.

She instantly felt terrible. At the same time, she was gripped by guilt deep down.

Wesley had prepared a newlywed room like this in Melbourne too. Nevertheless, Shaun had captured her here tonight.

Not being able to go back tonight was awful enough. If she continued to stay here with Shaun,

her relationship with Wesley would certainly sour.

Given that Wesley treated her so well, she did not want to hurt him anymore.

What was more, she had planned on living a sweet and peaceful life after marrying Wesley.

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