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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 962

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 962

Somehow, being faced with Shaun who was behaving like this gave Catherine nothing but goosebumps.

How could he have been so frightening during the wedding earlier yet act completely different at this moment?

Was he suffering from schizophrenia?

Catherine thought that it would not be appropriate for her to be barefoot if she wanted to run away later. After hesitating for a moment, she wore the slippers.

Once Shaun let go of her, she rushed out like a madwoman.

It was a strange place that was as large as a castle. With the walls being decorated with roses, ribbons, and streamers, the scene gave off a joyful atmosphere. Seemingly, a grand wedding had just been held and now was the time for the couple to spend their first night together.

The servants who walked past Catherine were

blacks and whites. All of them grinned at her and greeted her from time to time, “Hi, Madam.”

Catherine found it creepy, so she ran even more quickly.

However, she dashed out of the manor only to find another manor outside.

After spending a long time running, she ran into a strange forest. Nevertheless, all she could see afterward was the boundless ocean.

She was dumbfounded.

Was she not in Australia anymore?

She did not have her phone with her either.

A sense of fear that she had not experienced for a long time crept into her mind.

She heard some footsteps behind her. When she turned around, Shaun was walking toward her on the beach. His eyes were dark like the vast sky above him.

She went completely insane. “Shaun, you’re such a lunatic! Where on earth is this? Do you understand that I’ve married Wesley and it’s illegal to snatch someone else’s wife?”

“It’ll only be considered illegal if Wesley calls the

police. Since he hasn’t called the police, you can’t call it illegal.” Shaun shoved his hands into the pockets of his trousers, his thin lips curving into a casual smile.

Catherine was stunned. Had Wesley not called the police after Shaun took her away?

“Did you threaten Wesley again?” Catherine lifted her head and glared at him with burning eyes.

“ Since he let himself be threatened, it shows that you’re actually not that important to him. ” Shaun lowered his head and gazed at her. The breeze had messed up her long thick and flowing hair.

He could not help but stretch out his hand to tidy up her hair. However, before he could touch her, she smacked his hand away.

Catherine gave a cold laugh and gazed at him. “ What else could you have used to threaten him aside from his company? If you were in his shoes, you wouldn’t let go of your company as well.”

“I would, ” Shaun answered without a second


Perhaps he would not have done so back then, but he had come to realize that she was the most important thing to him now. “Cathy, I can still make money if I lose it, but it’ll be unbearably

painful to lose you.”

“Shut up.” Catherine did not believe him at all. She fell into a state of agitation and argued, “You’re always like this! Your words are always so sweet, but who was the one who hurt me the most during the last few years? Shaun Hill, I chose Wesley because I don’t want to live the kind of life where I have hopes for you yet they’re shattered the next minute. It’s tiring. I can’t even have faith in you. We won’t be happy this way.”

“We will. I’ll believe in whatever you say in the future.”

Shaun placed his hand on her shoulder in agony. “It finally hit me now that I should love and tolerate the person I love unconditionally regardless of whether she’s wicked, bad, or good.”

“Hah! It didn’t just hit you. You’ve long since known this, at least from Sarah. No matter how wicked she is, you still like her, ” Catherine screamed at him.

“I… I didn’t know.” Shaun gave a bitter smile. “ I knew her since I was young, and I had no idea when she changed. Cathy, I have nothing to do with her anymore. I’ve blocked her WhatsApp contact and number. If anything happens to her in the future, I won’t bother anymore— ”

“Enough. Drop it. We can never get back together. I’ve long since stopped loving you. I just want to live an ordinary life with Wesley in the future.

Please let me return.”

Catherine shook her head. “I really don’t love you anymore. You don’t hold a place in my heart anymore. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be marrying Wesley.”

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