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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 960

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 960

“Yes, you can’t call the police.” Mr. Lyons said furiously. “You can’t have that woman either. Divorce her as soon as she comes back.”

“This is my business. Stay out of it.” Wesley left with a deadpan face.

Suzie and Lucas glanced at each other, and they both looked at Liam at a loss for words.

“Uncle, what should we do? Scummy dad actually took Mommy away.” Suzie shivered. Scummy dad was really scary just now.

Lucas was also anxious. “Uncle, will Mommy be

“Don’t worry. Shaun just doesn’t want your mommy to be with Wesley.”

Although that was what Liam said, his heart shivered.

Shaun was not a normal person. He was mentally ill. Who knew when he would act up? It was not like he never hurt Catherine in the past. Hopefully, he

could calm down this time.

“The consequences of this matter are too severe. I have to hurry back to the Hill family.” Liam sighed. Shaun’s actions completely ruined the Hill family’s name. In the future, the Hill family would be scorned wherever they went.

Back in the hotel suite, Wesley quickly dialed a number. “Transfer the people to me. I want Shaun Hill to die.”

“Not now.” The person said in a low voice. “Calm down. If you want to achieve great things, then you have to bear it. You’ve already endured it for so many years. It’s just a little more.”

“But my wife was taken away.” Wesley roared. “ Who knows what Shaun will do to her.”

“Then, have you ever thought of how Catherine Jones will look at you if you bring so many people over? She’ll suspect you, and Shaun Hill will also be suspicious.”

The person said coldly, “If Catherine Jones finds out that you were behind what happened to Logan Law, don’t you think she’ll hate you?”

Wesley felt like a pail of cold water was poured on

him .

He could not say anything for a long time.

He just tightened his grip on the phone and veins were seen bulging on the back of his hand.

The person continued, “Besides, it’s not the first time Shaun slept with her. Just endure it a little longer. After that, I’ll let you handle Shaun however you want. When that time comes, you can crush

him to death like an ant. Make him suffer as much a s the rampage he had caused today.”

The person then ended the call.

Wesley smashed the phone on the spot.

Fine. He would endure it. He would endure for one more month.

“Shaun Hill, in one month, you’ll be greeted by hell’s gate.”

His ferocious face reflected in the mirror on the wall.

In the helicopter.

Shaun greedily stared at Catherine’s lustrous and

limpid face.

He gently touched her little face. She looked quiet and gentle after fainting.

If only she would be like this forever. Why did so many hurtful words have to come out of her mouth?

“I’m sorry, forgive me. I’ll use the rest of my life to make it up to you.”

Shaun forcefully wiped off the lipstick on her lips. Wesley had kissed her like that before, so he wanted to erase all traces.

After wiping it clean, he lowered his head and kissed her moist lips.

He tainted it with his breath.
Lea, Old Master Hill, and Old Madam Hill took turns to call him but he did not answer. After a long kiss, he dialed Hadley’s number. “I’m bringing Cathy to the villa on my private island. Get the people there to arrange a small wedding banquet immediately. I’ll hold a wedding with Cathy tonight.”

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