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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 959

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 959

Everyone at the wedding was staring at Shaun.

He was the most distinguished man in the country, but at that moment, he looked miserable like a big boy who lost something beloved. His face was painted with uncertainty and helplessness.

However, a moment later, he laughed darkly. It was cold, eerie, and frightening.

“Wesley Lyons, don’t you know what kind of person I am? She’s my woman. She’s mine for life. So what if she’s married? It’s just a piece of paper.”

Shaun stepped forward coldly, his handsome face written with madness.

Wesley and Catherine were horrified. They seemed to have underestimated Shaun’s shamelessness.

“Shaun Hill, get over it. I stopped loving you long ago.” Catherine could not help but yell. She had told him this many times already.

“It doesn’t matter as long as I love you.” Shaun reached out to grab her hand, but Wesley punched him immediately.

After exchanging a few punches, Wesley was at a disadvantage.

“Uncle, I’ll help you.” Ethan jumped up immediately, and the men from the Lyons family also gathered around quickly to help.

The crazy Shaun took them all down and they were writhing in pain and were not able to get up.

“Guards!” Wesley gripped his chest and shouted to the outside of the hall while struggling to get up.

His call for help fell on deaf ears. The people who came in were a group of burly strangers.

“Eldest Young Master, all the people outside have been cleaned up.” The man leading the pack said to Shaun respectfully.

“Good job.”

Shaun nodded in appreciation.

Catherine looked at Shaun like he was the devil.

Joel could not hold back and warned angrily, “ Shaun Hill, enough is enough. Yes, with your ability, you can take Cathy away, but have you thought of the reputation of your family and Hill Corporation? Their names would be ruined. You’re stealing someone else’s wife when there are

reporters present. Your behavior is too rampant. If news spreads, your family and you will be spurned by the whole of Australia.”

“Yes, Shaun, stop it already.” Liam also stood up in a hurry to dissuade him. “Grandpa and Grandma will faint from anger.”

“I’ve said this before. No one can stop me today. ” There was no warmth in Shaun’s eyes. He only looked at Catherine.

Catherine took one look at him and ran towards the backdoor.

However, she was wearing a gown and high heels, and Shaun quickly caught up with her. He knocked her out and picked her up.

“Cathy…” Wesley quickly rushed over, but a member of Liona stopped him and started fighting.

When he passed Wesley’s parents, he gave a grim warning. “If any of you dare to call the police regarding this matter, I don’t mind making the leading pharmaceutical company in the country disappear completely.”

He carried Catherine and went straight to the helicopter on the lawn, and left.

Wesley’s parents could not help but shiver thinking about the cold look in his eyes earlier.

Mr. Lyons lost his temper at Wesley. “I told you not to marry that woman, but you insisted. Look now. You just married but your wife got taken away.”

Wesley’s gentle face was distorted with anger.

He never expected that Shaun would be so rampant as to steal his wife in public. That was simply stepping on his face to the ground.

Whenever he faced Shaun, he was always like an ant.

Originally, today was supposed to be his wedding night, but Catherine ended up with Shaun.

When he thought about what might happen between the two, he was so angry he wanted to vomit blood.

‘Shaun Hill, I will never let you off.’ He angrily took out his phone.

Sonya grabbed it. “Are you insane? Didn’t you hear his warning? You can’t call the police. Our Lyons family is no match for Shaun Hill.”

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