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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 958

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 958

“Mom, that’s Shaun Hill. He’s so handsome. He’s more handsome than the photos on the Internet.”

“I thought that Wesley was handsome, but compared to Shaun, Shaun is more handsome.”

“Shut up, you little brat.”

A group of young ladies chattered, and Wesley’s handsome face could not help but sink.

He instinctively stood in front of Catherine.

Shaun caught a glimpse of Catherine in the crowd. She easily stood out in the crowd with the red gown and her snow-white skin made her look breathtaking.

That was his woman.

However, at that moment, Wesley was actually holding her hand, and she hid behind Wesley like a little woman.

A cold chill swept up.

With big strides, Shaun headed towards them.

His gloomy face had daggers in his eyes, and no one would think that he had come to congratulate them.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, if you’re here to congratulate us, then I welcome you, but if you’re here to ruin the wedding, I can only tell you that you’re too late. Cathy is now my wife.”

Wesley looked at Shaun solemnly. “Please stop harassing my wife.”

“Your wife?”

Shaun let out a low laugh, but the laugh was desolate and tragic.

Once, she was his wife.

He was the one who personally had someone press her down and force her to sign the divorce papers.

If only there was a time machine. If only there was a medicine for regret.

He wanted to go back and punch his former self. What kind of woman did he lose because of Sarah Neeson?

It hurt so much that he wanted to die. “It’s just a wedding ceremony. Have you registered?” He sneered.

Wesley looked at him without any change in expression. “We have. We registered yesterday at noon. Shaun Hill, I’m different from you. If I want to marry a woman, I’ll register the marriage, and I’ll also give her a wedding. “

The last ray of hope in Shaun’s eyes was completely annihilated.

There seemed to be something unbearable coming up his throat, and he almost could not stand upright.

He never expected that in just a few days, she had already registered her wedding with another man.

Shaun looked at the wedding site. Joel, Suzie, Liam, and everyone else knew. Only he was kept in the dark.

“Shaun, go.” Catherine looked at his miserable pale face and frowned. “I’ve made it very clear between you and me. We ended a long time ago.”

“We ended a long time ago?” Shaun gave a low laugh until tears seeped from his eyes. “We only ended a few days ago. Had it been longer than half a month? Half a month ago, you were still lying in my bed.”

His voice was very loud, and the guests started talking, looking at Catherine with eyes full of disdain.

Wesley’s parents grew so angry their faces turned red, but they were helpless. After all, their son liked that woman.

Catherine’s eyes were full of anger. “Yes, I used to be with you. But when I was with you, I never did anything behind your back. I only got together with Wesley after thoroughly breaking up with you.”

“Shaun Hill, you don’t need to stir up trouble.” Wesley held Catherine’s shoulder as his eyes deepened. “I already know about you and Cathy. Of course, I have to thank you. If you hadn’t done such things, Cathy wouldn’t have accepted me so quickly.”

Shaun was once again viciously stabbed.

What did that mean? He hurt her by helping Sarah, so she completely gave up on him and thought that Wesley was better?

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