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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 955

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 955

Suzie bit her lips and could not help but cry.

Lucas looked at her, and his cold face revealed a rare softness. “What’s wrong? You can’t bear to let Mommy go? Don’t worry, Mommy will still love us a s much as before.”

“Don’t lie to me. Mommy and Uncle Wesley will definitely make younger siblings for us in the future. Mommy won’t love us as much then.”

Suzie sniffled and muttered in a low voice, feeling very uncomfortable.

Although Uncle Wesley was very good to her, he was not her real Daddy.

It was all scummy dad’s fault. Why was he so stupid? She already hinted at him, but he still had not come.

Forget it, Mommy was already married. She had to accept the reality.

“That won’t happen. ” Lucas pursed his thin lips and grabbed her small hand. “ Mommy isn’t that kind of person and you’ll always be my little sister.

I’ll dote on you.”

“Lucas…” Suzie cried again. After living for three years, this was the first time Lucas said such warm words.

After the ceremony, the reporter posted those beautiful wedding photos online.

Wesley also held Catherine’s hand and took a photo of them wearing their wedding rings, and posted it on Facebook. [Holding your hand, till death do us part. I’ve been waiting for you since the first day I met you. 12S7 days. I’m glad I didn’t give up.]

As the president of Golden Corporation, he rarely posted socially. He had always been a private person in the eyes of the public, so this rare post caused a sensation.

[Oh my God, President Lyons. You either don’t share at all or you share something shocking.]

[President Lyon’s wife must have saved the galaxy in her previous life. She’s so blessed. President

Lyons is a business leader who’s handsome and rich and low-key. Men like him are hard to find.]

[Don’t you know yet? The media already released photos of the bride earlier. Wesley Lyon’s bride is Catherine Jones.]

[Which Catherine Jones? Is it the same one I’m thinking about? That can’t be.]

[It’s her, Shaun Hill’s ex-wife and ex-girlfriend.]

[I… I think I’m delusional. How did Wesley end up with Catherine? They even got married in a flash. Wtf wtf.]

[It’s definitely true. Many reporters already took pictures at the wedding. Catherine is really a winner in life. Shaun Hill is still stupidly waiting for her, but she turned around and married a pharmaceutical big shot. Awesome.”

[What’s awesome about that? Catherine is beautiful and talented. Who wouldn’t want to marry her? She deserves to be loved.]

[It’s no wonder Wesley has never had a scandal with women before, and I’ve never heard of him having a girlfriend. So it’s because he’s been waiting for someone that’s been residing in his heart. Good men like him are rare.]

[Catherine might have been deeply hurt by Shaun and turned around to see that Wesley has always been silently waiting for her. She must have been finally moved.]

[I wonder if Eldest Young Master Hill knows about this matter. He even posted on Facebook that he’ll wait for Catherine for the rest of his life.]

[He’s probably hiding in a corner and crying right now. It’s his fault for not knowing how to cherish her. Serves him right.]

The hot discussion among the netizens instantly pushed this small wedding ceremony to the top of the trending news.

In the private jet.

Shaun kept checking his phone. It was already 11:50 a.m.

His heart seemed to be seized all the way, and he had to take deep breaths constantly.

He kept reassuring himself that it was just his own wild guess.

How would Catherine get married to Wesley? They had not crossed paths since three years ago, and ever since Catherine returned, he never saw them in contact before. It was impossible for them to suddenly get married.

He took a big gulp of water, only to find that his hand was shaking badly.

Chester suddenly called him, and he answered annoyed. “ If you have something to say then spit it out quickly.”

“…Where are you now?” Chester asked after a moment of silence.

“On a plane to Melbourne.” Chester sighed. “You still haven’t heard?”

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