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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 953

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 953

“Oh, I really sympathize with you. You just had to provoke the richest man in the country.” Freya sighed. “Not only can’t you get rid of him and only he can want you, but you also can’t reject him.”

A deep disgust flashed in Catherine’s eyes as she listened.

She hated men who did not know how to cherish others like Shaun Hill the most.

If she could do it all over again, she really did not want to meet him again.

11:00 a.m.

The relatives of the Lyons family came one after another to see the bride.

Catherine put on her high heels and stood up, and saw Sonya Lyons, Ethan Lowe, and Tracy Steele walk in together.

Thinking about it, it had been several years since Ethan and she saw each other. That year, when she left Melbourne, Ethan had to make Tracy his girlfriend in order to help the Lowe family, and they had been together ever since.

“Catherine, it’s been a long time.” Ethan looked at her with a complicated gaze.

After not having seen her for three years, she had become more beautiful, especially today. With a snow-white wedding dress and her stunning small face touched up by an artist, she looked as beautiful as a fairy.

When he was young, he used to fantasize countless times about getting married to her, but he never thought that she would marry his own uncle one day.

“Ethan, this is your wife, right? She’s very pretty. ” Catherine smiled faintly and nodded at Tracy.

“Hello, Aunty. ” Tracy nodded. Of course, she knew that her husband had always been attached to his ex-girlfriend, but unfortunately, Catherine was about to get married to Wesley. She did not have a favorable impression of Catherine, but there was no malice either.

Catherine was stunned at the address.

She could not help but think of her old self. She often fantasized about Rebecca calling her Aunty.

Tsk, unexpectedly, Rebecca and Ethan broke up.

“Sonya, this is the bride, right? How beautiful.”

Some of the Lyons family’s relatives suddenly gathered around Sonya and spoke.

Sonya glanced at Catherine with slight contempt. “ She is indeed beautiful, but it’s a shame that she’s second-hand goods.”

The relatives’ expressions were all different. “Why is Wesley marrying someone who was married before? Our Wesley is one of the top entrepreneurs in the country and a young nobleman. Women like her aren’t worthy.”

“Oh, it couldn’t be helped. Wesley was bewitched by her.” Sonya sighed long and hard.

Some relatives of the Lyons family instantly cast contemptuous glances at Catherine.

Catherine frowned slightly when she heard them. Sonya had always disliked her and still does.

Freya was furious and about to speak up when Ethan looked at his mother unhappily, saying, “ Mom, why would Catherine be unworthy of Uncle? She’s the chairman of Hudson Corporation and has a net worth of billions, not to mention her status as a global top designer, and her father is Mr. Joel

Yule. If I had to say, it’s Uncle who gets a social climb by marrying her.”

“Wow, this bride is quite amazing. ” The relatives’ eyes when they looked at Catherine suddenly changed again.

“No one will think you’re mute if you don’t speak.”

Sonya glared at Ethan fiercely.

“Mom, hurry up and go greet the guests. There are many relatives outside.” Ethan reminded her unceremoniously, somewhat chasing away the woman. “Finally, peace and quiet. Ethan Lowe, you finally learned how to do something good.” Freya chuckled.

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