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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 952

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 952

Shaun was completely caught off guard at the thought that Catherine was suddenly going to marry someone else. At the same time, his heart seemed to be tightly seized by an invisible force, it hurt so much he wished he was dead.

It turned out that his feelings for that woman were deeper than he had imagined.

He would rather destroy everyone than let her marry another man.

As he made his way to her, he kept calling Catherine, but she was simply uncontactable.

On the other side, in Hill Corporation, when Hadley heard that Shaun was urgently mobilizing a private jet, he hesitated for a long time before uneasily dialing Catherine’s number.

“Hadley, what’s wrong?”

Hadley smiled bitterly when Catherine’s voice came through. “Ms. Jones, why did you sneak off to Melbourne? He panicked and arranged for a private

jet to go over to take care of you.”


Freya, the bridesmaid beside Catherine, was so shocked that the high heels in her hands fell to the ground.

“Hadley, I’m getting married today.” Catherine said in a low voice.

“What?” Hadley leapt from his chair in shock. “You … Who are you getting married to? Why wasn’t there any news of this?”

He slapped his face hard, suspecting that it was a nightmare.

“Wesley Lyons. ” Catherine’s tone was soft. “ I’ve been entangled with Wesley and Shaun for so many years. After the last incident, I finally understood that Wesley is the best for me. I want to cherish him, but I’m afraid of Shaun finding out, so we planned to first have a low-profile wedding. I guess

… Shaun might have noticed something. Even if he hasn’t, he’ll find out when he arrives.”

Hadley. “

He was rendered completely speechless by the explosive news.

“Ms. Jones, you’re really… doing something big while keeping mum about it.” He smiled bitterly. “If the Eldest Young Master finds out, he’ll definitely go mad.”

He might even do something extremely crazy.

The thought of having to face such a terrifying Eldest Young Master made him shudder and want to resign.

“Ms. Jones, I estimate that it’ll take two and a half hours to reach Melbourne at the fastest speed.” Hadley could only remind her.

It was a fact that Catherine and Shaun could no longer get back together, so he could not persuade her. Besides, Ms. Jones had really suffered too much these years.

“Thank you for telling me, Hadley.” Catherine sincerely thanked him. If it were not for Hadley secretly helping her all these years, she would not be where she was today.

“ I won’t tell Eldest Young Master about this, but I think he’ll find out as soon as he arrives in Melbourne.”

Hadley said and hung up the call.

In the hotel suite, Freya looked at Catherine anxiously. “What should we do? Two and a half hours. It’ll be ab-out 1z 3o p.m. when Shaun arrives. I f he makes haste, the wedding ceremony may not be over yet.”

“Then we’ll hold it in advance. ” Wesley suddenly came in. “I’ll inform the hotel that it’ll be held at 11: 28 a.m.”

Catherine was startled. “But the guests haven’t arrived yet.”

“Our relatives are all staying in this hotel, so we can call and ask them to come earlier. ” Wesley gently pressed his hands on her shoulder, assuring her, “ I’ll also arrange for some reporters to come over. I originally planned to keep it under the radar, but Shaun might have noticed something, so it’s better to make it public. I don’t believe that he’ll snatch away someone else’s wife without regard to his reputation.”

Catherine nodded blankly.

Frankly speaking, Shaun was a terrifying person. She did not know if he would do such a thing.

Freya was gloomy. “You wanted to wait until you were pregnant to announce it. Where exactly did the news leak?”

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