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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 951

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 951

Hadley was speechless and secretly thought to himself that little miss Suzie really knew how to mash her parents together.

If Ms. Jones were to learn about this trick, she might go crazy.

“Okay, I’ll check it out.”

Hadley had no choice but to call the people in Perth. However, he learned that there was no record of Catherine staying in a hotel.

Did Ms. Jones have a private residence there?

He called the airport next and found that there was no flight record of Ms. Jones flying to Perth.

Instead, he learned that Ms. Jones and Freya flew to Melbourne yesterday.

His head suddenly felt a little numb. Why did Ms. Jones go to Melbourne at this time but claimed that she was in Perth for a business trip? Was it because she was doing something secretly in Melbourne, and the reason was to hide it from the Eldest Young Master?

Thinking about it, it was highly likely.

Just as he was thinking, Shaun called. “ Have you booked the ticket?”

“No, I… I didn’t find out where Ms. Jones is staying in Perth. She might have a private residence there. ” Hadley immediately made a decision. Since Ms. Jones was trying to hide it, he would help her out. “ Eldest Young Master, don’t go. Hudson said that Ms. Jones will only be away for two to three days. She might come back tomorrow.”

“Then I can come back with her. Forget it, I’ll get Chance to check.”

Shaun immediately called Chance after hanging up. After all, Liona had eyes all over the world.

About half an hour later, Chance called bearing news. “Eldest Young Master, the flight information showed that Ms. Jones didn’t go to Perth for a business trip. She went to Melbourne with Freya Lynch.”

“What is she doing in Melbourne? ” Shaun’s eyes dimmed. “Hadley checked and said that she went to Perth.”

“ She told the company that she went to Perth, but she didn’t go,” Chase said. “There’s no record of

her staying in a hotel in Melbourne, but her hometown is in Melbourne, so she might be staying at her old home.”

Shaun became more and more suspicious. Why did she have to lie if she was going back to Melbourne with Freya?

Right, Liam took a day off today too.

Was it too coincidental? The three people left Canberra at the same time, and it seemed like Joel was not around today either.

“Find out where Liam and Joel Yule went.” He suddenly ordered.

Soon, Chance found out about Liam’s whereabouts. “Eldest Young Master, Liam and Joel Yule have also gone to Melbourne.”

Suzie said that Liam was bringing her to a friend’s wedding. Children told no lies.

Liam, Freya, Catherine, and Joel. What friend did they have in common that they would attend the wedding together?

It did not make sense.


He suddenly remembered that when he attended the banquet the other day, he heard that Wesley Lyons was getting married, and the bride was someone local.

However, Liam and Joel did not have to attend Wesley’s wedding. They did not know Wesley well.

Unless the bride was not a local at all, but…

As that thought flashed, his entire person panicked. “Arrange a private jet for me immediately. I want to go to Melbourne. Now.”

Chance was startled. “But Melbourne is a little far, and you’ll need to apply for a flight route to Melbourne…”

“I don’t care. Use the quickest possible way. I don’t care how much money it takes to hire someone. Do it now.” Shaun was going crazy from the anxiousness.

He hoped that it was just a wild guess and that it was not true. What if the person Wesley was marrying was really Catherine?

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