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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 949

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 949

On the second -floor window of the villa, Lucas’s nimble little body climbed up to the window and glanced out. “Mommy, Shaun is at the gate again.”

These nights, Shaun would always stop his car at the Yule family villa’s entrance, and sometimes, he would only leave after Catherine left for work.

Catherine was already used to it. “Don’t mind him. Go to sleep.”

Catherine carried Lucas down from the chair and pulled the window shutters, afraid that Shaun’s sharp eyes would see Lucas.

“Mommy, if he’s always here, what will happen if he finds out that you’re getting married to Uncle Wesley?” Lucas said worriedly.

“He won’t. When the time comes, I’ll have the company declare that I’m on a business trip and will be gone for a few days.” Catherine rubbed his little head to comfort him. “Lucas, will you… mind that Mommy is getting married?”

“No. I’m glad that Mommy has finally found someone who will treat you well, ” Lucas said seriously. “And Uncle Wesley is very good to Suzie and me. Of course, if he treats you badly one day, I will teach him a lesson for you. I’m very good at martial arts now. When I grow up, I’ll become so powerful that no one can bully Mommy anymore.”

“Good boy.” Catherine kissed his forehead.

The next day, Catherine drove out from the villa.

When she came out of the gate, she drove away directly as if she did not notice Shaun’s existence.

Shaun watched her distant car with a face full of bitterness.

In the past, when he waited at the gate, she would still come out to talk with him in the morning.

Now, she did not even give him the opportunity to meet her.

However, since she went to work, there was no need for him to stay here anymore.

In the evening, when he was getting ready to go to the Yule family, Old Madam Hill suddenly called him and asked him to come back.

It was already 6:00 p.m., and Suzie was eating with Old Master and Old Madam Hill.

When she saw Shaun walk in, her heart became inexplicably sour as she bit the spoon.

Although she was still young, she could see that scummy dad was thinner and more disheveled. His originally clean and neat short hair had grown slightly. He was still handsome and dashing, but he was also much more sullen.

“Eat some dinner before you go upstairs for a good night’s sleep.” Old Madam Hill sighed.

No matter what, he was still her grandson, so seeing him like this made her heart ache. “Stop waiting at the Yule family’s gate every day. You just finished surgery. You will only ruin your body.”

“ I’m busy. If there’s nothing else you need, I’ll be leaving.”

As Shaun was about to turn to leave, Old Master Hill suddenly lost his temper.

“Don’t think I don’t know that you’re going to the Yule family again. Everyone in Sherman Mountain already knows about you waiting there every night, and she wants you to leave. Back then, all of us persuaded you, but it was no use. Now that you regret it, you want to go back to her again. Do you think you can get back with her or throw her away whenever you want?”

“Yes, Shaun. Let her go, and let yourself go. You’re still young, with a long road ahead of you. She’s not the only woman in this world.” Old Madam Hill shook her head.

She was too old to understand the younger generation’s love affairs, but she felt like no woman would be able to forgive her grandson.

“I don’t want anyone else but her.” Shaun clenched his fist stubbornly and walked forward.

Suzie ran over and suddenly grabbed his hand.

“Uncle, don’t go. Can you sleep with me tonight? Daddy isn’t coming home, and I don’t want to sleep with the nanny.”

The little girl looked at him with limpid and pleading eyes, and Shaun’s heart softened. He could not bear to refuse her.

He could say it to others, but he could never say ‘no ‘ to Suzie.

“Stay with Suzie.” Old Madam Hill immediately persuaded him when she saw that he had not moved. “You haven’ t been back in a while, so she misses you.”

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