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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 947

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 947

“Stop talking nonsense.” Rodney was a little disturbed by what Freya said.

“ I’m just telling the truth. ” At that, Freya turned around and hailed a cab.

“You don’t want me to send you back?” Rodney blurted out.

“ I wouldn’t dare. You’re too noble. I’m afraid that you’ll throw me off a viaduct. ” Freya immediately got in the car without staying back.

Rodney was in a daze for a long time. This did not play out as he imagined.

He thought that Freya would definitely pester him. After all, 10 percent of Snow Corporation’s shares was very tempting.

Hold on. He had forgotten to remind her to take contraceptives.

Fifty minutes later, Freya got out of the car, only to see Rodney show up at the community gate.

“What do you want this time?” Freya’s mood turned sour as soon as she saw that idiot.

“Eat this.” Rodney handed her a box of contraceptives with evasive eyes. “ I can’t let you be pregnant with my child.”

Freya’s heart chilled.

Why was she so unlucky in her life? First, she met Patrick, and now, it was Rodney.

“Don’t worry. I ate one when I came out of the hotel yesterday. It would have been too late if I waited for you to bring it to me. ” Freya held back her anger as she approached step by step.

“Rodney Snow, don’t go too far. I was set up at your press conference, so I’m the victim. Please remember that if it weren’t because I joined Osher, my first time wouldn’t have been ruined by you.

You can dislike me, but you should at least have a conscience.”

Rodney could not help but step back from the anger in her eyes, and his body felt a little weak.

“I’m doing it for your own good. I don’t like you, so even if you end up pregnant with my child, you’ll be a single mother. Anyway, don’t think your status will change just because you have my child.”

“Don’t worry. I don’t want to propagate your inferior genes, but this happened to me at your press conference. Shouldn’t you give me an explanation as to who set me up?” Freya said aggressively.

Rodney was stunned by the question. Of course, he knew it was Thomas.

However, Thomas was Sarah’s brother, and Sarah had already compromised so much for him. If he told her, Thomas might be taken away.

“ I… How would I know? You must have stirred up some wild bees by dressing up like that. ” Rodney looked away in guilt, not daring to meet her eyes.

However, his gaze could not escape Freya’s eyes.

It seemed like Cathy’s guess was right. It really was Thomas Neeson that night, and Rodney knew it,

but he was covering it up for Sarah.

A deep trace of disappointment flashed deep in her eyes.

Although she did not like him, she still approved of this man. She just thought he was blind to like Sarah.

It was fine if his eyes were blind, but his heart was blind too, so much that he could not distinguish right from wrong. There was nothing to appreciate about a person like that.

Without another look at him, Freya turned to leave.

“Hey, you’re just… leaving like that?” Rodney was stunned for a moment but subconsciously stopped her.

“What? Will you tell me that it was Thomas? Will you help me catch him? You even helped him to cover up the evidence.”

Freya sneered coldly. “Rodney Snow, don’t take me for a fool. That night, only Thomas would dare to do such a thing, considering how he dared to break into my house, beat me up, and assault me three years ago.

“Three years later, he has you to protect him, so what can’t he do? He has such a good life. Even if he doesn’t have Young Master Hill, he still has Young Master Snow.”

Then, she lowered her eyes to conceal the hatred in her eyes and left without looking back.

Rodney watched her silhouette, and his beautiful face heated up in embarrassment. He did not think she would know everything.

It was Thomas who set her up and Rodney who ruined her innocence.

Thinking about it, he really did go too far by saying those words.

She had done nothing wrong since the start. He should make it up to her.

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