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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 946

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 946

“Okay, ” Rodney replied.

When he went to get the car, Mr. Lynch lamented, “ Except for Rodney’s crooked personality, the rest of the Snow family is quite nice. They don’t have the arrogance that the typical large and wealthy families have.”

“You’re absolutely right, Dad.” Freya nodded in agreement.

However, Mrs. Lynch felt sorry for her. “Actually, Carson is quite good. Why weren’t you engaged to him instead?”

Soon, Rodney drove the car over.

He hardly talked to Mr. and Mrs. Lynch, but along the way, Freya was acting spoiled to her parents.

It was clear that the Lynch family pampered Freya quite a lot. The Lynch family atmosphere seemed good, unlike some small local families who tried to curry favor with him the moment they heard that he was from the Snow family.

Only after Mr. and Mrs. Lynch got on the plane that Freya and Rodney left.

Rodney said directly, “I have no choice but to agree to this marriage for the time being, but don’t think too much about it. I’ll never like you, and I’ll never be responsible for you. By the way, give me back the jade pendant that my mother gave you.”

Freya was stunned. She knew that he was a scumbag, but such scummy men were rare.

“Hurry up and give it to me.” Rodney was embarrassed by her gaze, but he had no choice. He could not hurt Sarah. “I’m going to give it to Sarah.”

Freya really wanted to ask, ‘If your mom knows, will she die of anger?’

“You don’t want to give it back?” Rodney glared at her. “Freya Lynch, this jade pendant is as expensive as I am. It’s not something you can afford to keep. ”

“This jade pendant… is indeed quite expensive.” Freya took it out and deliberately waved it in front of him. “But you? Forget it. Although you’re part of the Snow family, you don’t have any status, and

you don’t have any rights to inheritance. As for Osher, if I hadn’t given you the formula, it would’ve

gone downhill in the next two years.”

“You…” Rodney’s face flushed in anger. He was such an excellent person, but she spoke as if he was worthless.

“Tsk, as a man, aren’t you ashamed of living like this?” Freya then took out her cell phone to make a call.

Rodney did not know what she was doing until he heard Freya sweetly call out the word ‘Aunty’. That was when he realized this woman had called his mother.

“Freya Lynch, give me the phone.” Rodney reached out to grab it.

“Rodney Snow, I dare you to hit me,” Freya shouted while she dodged. “Well, Aunty. Rodney said he wants the jade pendant you gave me. He said that it’s not something I can keep, and he wants to give it to Sarah.”

“Mom, I didn’t. Don’t listen to her… ” Rodney was so anxious that he hugged Freya in an attempt to grab her phone over and explain, only to find out that she dialed an invalid number.

“Bahaha. ” Freya burst out in laughter. “Weren’t you pretty arrogant earlier? Didn’t you want to give this to Sarah?”

“Freya Lynch, you lied to me.” Rodney went mad with anger. He wanted to teach her a lesson, but he suddenly realized that he was hugging her tightly.

He pushed her away.

“Tsk. I need to go back and shower. I’m afraid I’ll get sick from hugging someone like you.” Freya walked out of the airport with a disgusted face.

“You’re the one who’s sick.” Rodney snarled.

“Oh, you didn’t know?” Freya looked back at him with a complicated look.

“After Cathy slept with Shaun the last time, she had to rush to the hospital to get a checkup. She was afraid of contracting a disease because Shaun was in a relationship with Sarah, who had slept with that Lucifer guy for god knows how many times.

“Do you need me to talk about Lucifer? He did drugs and liked to sleep around with all kinds of women. Who knew if he got a disease? Why else did you think Shaun refused to touch Sarah? He also has his own concerns.”

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