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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 944

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 944

“Yeah. ” Catherine sighed softly. “But he is much more powerful than he was before. Nothing good will happen if we fight him with force.”

Wesley looked deep into her eyes. He wanted to comfort her that the Hill Corporation would fall soon, but unfortunately, she would not understand i t now. “Cathy, why don’t we… register our

marriage. Once we register, we’ll be lawfully wedded, and Shaun won’t be able to do anything.”


Catherine was utterly shocked.

She had just agreed to the proposal, yet they were registering so soon? She blanked out for a moment.

“Yes. Is it too sudden? Did I scare you?” Wesley said with shame, “Cathy, I have no choice either. I don’t want to lose you again. Don’t worry, the registration and the ceremony will be held at the same time. Let’s have our wedding back in Melbourne so as not to tip Shaun off. I don’t want to be like Shaun. Even though you were wedded to him, you didn’t even get a decent wedding.”

“Thank you.” Catherine felt relieved when she heard his words, and the anxiety in her dispelled.

Under current circumstances, it seemed there was no need to hesitate anymore.

Besides, Wesley had waited for her for so long. She should not make him wait any longer.

“Okay. I’ll agree.”

She nodded after a moment.

“That’s great. I’ll immediately get the people in Melbourne to prepare. The wedding won’t be big to avoid too much people’s attention, but I’ll definitely make sure it’s beautiful. Both our parents will be there. Oh right, let’s have Suzie and Lucas be our flower girl and page boy,” Wesley said happily.

“Okay.” Catherine nodded hesitantly. “But if your parents find out I have two children…”

“They already know, but there’s nothing they can do because I like you so much. I told them that I won’t marry anyone except you. Otherwise, I would rather leave the family and become a monk. They can’t do anything about it.”

Wesley glanced at her belly and said, “Besides, since you had twins before, maybe you’ll have

another two the next time. Then, the family will be lively.”

Catherine blushed in embarrassment. “Don’t say that. It’s making me a little pressured…”

“I’m just joking. As long as it’s yours, I’ll like them.”

Wesley leaned in and kissed her forehead.

Catherine closed her eyes and said to herself, ‘So be it.’

Soon, she would marry again.

In this marriage, she wanted to grow old with Wesley.

5:30 p.m.

In the restaurant, the Snow and Lynch families dined together.

Old Master Snow was present. Beside him sat Jason and his wife, in addition to Carson and Jessica. Only the protagonist, Rodney, was absent.

Mr. Lynch’s expression was unpleasant. Although the Snow family was much bigger than the Lynch family in both business and power, Rodney’s absence was too disrespectful to Freya.

“Old Master Snow, seeing that Rodney isn’t showing up, nothing forced will turn out good… ”

“Maybe he’s stuck in traffic.” Old Master Snow shot a look at Jessica.

Jessica immediately took her phone and went out to make a call. “I’ll give you ten minutes. If you don’t get over here by then, don’t bother coming at all.” “Jessica Snow, don’t be so vicious. I’m stuck in traffic.” Rodney’s angry voice sounded.

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