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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 938

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 938

“Dad, you misunderstood. I was set up.” Freya had no choice but to explain the whole incident.

Mr. Lynch remained silent for quite a while before he said, “In that case, Rodney has to be responsible for you. The Snow family has already contacted me. Your mom and I are coming to Canberra today to have a meal with the Snow family.”


Freya did not expect the Snow family to be so swift in their actions. Hence, she gave it some thought

and told Mr. Lynch her plan.

Mr. Lynch was enraged when he heard it. “What? Rodney said you seduced him? He must be blind. My daughter is so beautiful, yet he looks down on

you. Fine. I’ll go along with whatever you want to do. Although the Snow family is a wealthy family, the Lynch family has never thought of relying on them. Your mom and I will cooperate with you in this act.”

“Thank you, Dad. ” Freya was so touched that she blew him a kiss.

Catherine, who watched her from the side, was envious. In fact, she envied the atmosphere that Freya’s family had. Freya was doted on by her parents and brother since she was young, unlike her.

Although Catherine had Joel, it still could not compare to the Lynch family.

At the seaside villa.

Rodney drove over in a hurry and barged in, only to see Sarah sitting on the sofa, crying. Her face was streaked with tears.

“Why are you here? Leave. I don’t want to see you. ”

Sarah threw a tantrum at him and shouted as she cried, “Who was the one who said he’d love me forever? Yet, before I know it, you had sex with another woman. I hate betrayal the most in my life.”

“Sarah, I’m sorry. I can explain.”

Rodney was angry at first, but he became flustered when he saw her face.

“Last night, Freya was set up by Thomas, so Jessica threw me to Freya to relieve her. I was so drunk at

that time. I didn’t know what happened at all.” “Thomas?”

Sarah was horrified. She did not think Rodney would know about it so quickly. “This… This is impossible.”

“My sister saw it with her own eyes. I also wanted to look for Thomas just now, but I found out that he had escaped overseas. He’s obviously guilty.”

Rodney was pissed off. “ Sarah, why did you bring Thomas over last night? After all, Freya is a director in Osher Corporation. He’s too fearless. You should keep a distance from him in the future. I don’t want to see him anymore in my life.”

“You… You’re blaming me? I’m the victim here, okay?”

Sarah felt even more upset, and more tears fell from her eyes. “I don’t wish to have a brother like him either, but what choice do I have? This is my fate. If I knew it, I surely would’ve stopped him.”

“I’m not blaming you. ” Rodney smiled bitterly. “ Sarah, I just want you to understand that I didn’t betray you on purpose.”

“Don’t say any more.” Sarah pushed him away with her eyes red. “Your dad said it himself. Freya is the

fiancee they chose, and I’m just a mistress. I don’t want to come in between both of you anymore…”

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