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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 937

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 937

“Isn’t it normal for a beautiful person like me to be targeted by perverts?” Freya said in a daze, “No, Thomas was there yesterday. It must’ve been that scumbag.”

Catherine was astonished, but she quickly caught on.

“That must be it. If he dared to barge into your house with some people, it’s not surprising that he would do something to you during the press conference yesterday. After all, he thinks he can do whatever he wants since Rodney is backing Sarah. As long as Sarah is here, Rodney will not dare to do anything to him.”

“He’s too f*cking cocky.”

Freya trembled out of contempt. “Did I have some grudge with this disgusting guy in my previous life?”

“Firstly, it’s obviously because of your beauty. Secondly, he might want to marry you.” Catherine analyzed it rationally.

“You’re a top cosmetic chemist now. Furthermore, the Lynch family’s business has been growing under your brother’s management. In fact, the reason Neeson Corporation still exists is that they relied on Shaun’s connections.

“ Since they’ve lost Shuan’s backing, and Rodney isn’t as capable, Thomas may think you’re the only one who’s just good enough for him. He doesn’t mind having sex with you first then marrying you afterward.”

“Just good enough for him?” Freya was speechless. “No elite lady in the whole of Australia will want to get married to a scumbag like him.”

Catherine laughed. “Don’t put it that way. People like Thomas and Sarah are quite confident of themselves. They might even think we can’t compare to them at all.”

Freya gave it a thought and realized that the possibility of that happening was high. She felt increasingly disgusted and uncomfortable the more she thought about it.

“I reckon Sarah knew about this matter too,” Catherine said. “She can’t stand the sight of you. I think she wants to wait until Thomas destroys and marries you. After that, she can torture you all she wants and, at the same time, achieve her aim of taking revenge on me. However, I don’t think they expected that you would sleep with Rodney. I guess Sarah’s blood must be boiling now.”

“Those two b*tches. ” Freya trembled in anger. “I won’t let them off the hook. I’ve made up my mind. I want to be Rodney’s fiancee. As long as the Snow family officially acknowledges me, Sarah will be the mistress that everyone will despise.”

Catherine was speechless. She had to admit that Freya did not have many choices now that things had gone this far.

“Currently, you’re just Rodney’s fiancee. You can still cancel the engagement later. By then, Rodney will definitely still be involved with Sarah anyway. After some time, you can say Rodney had been cheating on you while you guys were engaged, so you decided to cancel the engagement. At the same time, you can gain sympathy from the public and tarnish Sarah and Rodney’s reputation too.”

“Cathy, your tactic is amazing. ” Freya gave her a thumbs up. “Not only Sarah, but I want to teach Rodney a lesson too. That idiot said I seduced him this morning. However, Rodney won’t admit I’m his fiancee.”

“Don’t worry. The Snow family has already

acknowledged you. Besides, the reporters took pictures of both of you on the bed themselves. If he denies it, you can go to the reporters and complain to them in tears, ‘Second Young Master Snow didn’t say that when he coaxed me to have s*x with him. He said I’m capable, I have a nice body, and I’m pretty. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have willingly went back to Osher Corporation to work for his sake… ”’

Catherine acted it out to Freya.

Freya was stunned. “Cathy, I realize… you’re quite b*tchy now too.”

Catherine rolled her eyes. “I’ve come to understand all of their strategies after interacting with many of them. Learn it.”

“Smart. You are very smart. Otherwise, Sarah wouldn’t have lost to you.” Freya gave a thumbs up.

“You think too much. She didn’t lose to me. I was the one who lost to her all along. If not, Logan wouldn’t have lost his finger.” Catherine smiled bitterly. That was the most unacceptable pain in her heart.

Freya did not know how to reply, but coincidentally, her father gave her a call at this moment.

“Freya Lynch, you rascal. How dare you sleep with another man before getting married? What did I teach you about loving yourself as a girl? Besides, don’t you have other men to sleep with? Rodney already has a girlfriend…”

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