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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 936

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 936

“When I went to the hotel last night, I saw there was something wrong with Freya. She couldn’t even walk properly, so I had my assistant send her to my room. Later, Thomas was searching for someone right at the place where I found Freya. He even went to her room to look for her. Then, I thought of checking the security cameras, but coincidentally, the security cameras on the 28th floor weren’t working.”

After Jessica spoke, Old Master Snow rapped the table in anger. “Thomas is too bold.”

“He’s not bold. The hotel employees knew that his sister is Second Young Master Snow’s girlfriend, so they didn’t dare to offend him.”

Jessica glanced at Rodney coldly. “If it weren’t for you, Thomas wouldn’t have come. In that case, me sending you to help Freya is a matter of course too. You solved the trouble that you created yourself. Isn’t that great?

“Moreover, with Freya’s state last night, it was obvious that the drug was potent. Even soaking her in the cold bath was useless, and I was afraid something might happen to her.”

Rodney could not find any words to say.

He never thought Thomas would dare to set Freya up during the press conference. No matter what, Freya was his company’s shareholder. More so, she was the research and development department’s director to whom he entrusted major responsibilities.

When he recalled how he scolded Freya for seducing him, he felt a twinge of regret and guilt.

“Sis, were you the one who called the reporters?” he asked, gritting his teeth.

“Mm. If I didn’t make this a big issue, how would you take responsibility for Freya?” Jessica nodded without any guilt.

“You’re despicable!” Rodney said coldly, “ Unfortunately, it’s useless even if you called the reporters. I won’ t marry Freya even if I die. I will never hurt Sarah in my life. I’ll immediately clarify everything to the media.”

With that, he turned around and headed outside.

Jessica’s calm voice came from behind.

“You can go. If you dare do that, there’s no need for Osher Corporation to launch their new product anymore. All I need to do is inform the related authorities. I have countless ways to stop it. Not just the new product, but I can even make Osher Corporation’s counters close down within a night.

You can try it.”

“You…” Rodney glared at her. If his gaze could rip her apart, he would. “Grandpa, Dad, look at her…”

“Jessica, if there’s anything you can’t manage, you can look for me anytime, ” Old Master Snow said gently. “We can shut down his Osher Corporation. It’s possible to make him not earn even a single penny.” and make him earn.

“Thank you, Grandpa.” Jessica smiled.

Rodney’s blood boiled.

At Brighton Gardens.

When Freya saw Jason’s video, she felt awful.

“Are the Snow family members stupid? When did I become Rodney’s fiancee? Why do I not know of it myself?”

Catherine looked at her worriedly. “The Snow family members don’t want Rodney to marry Sarah. That’s why they pushed you out to stop them both.”

“Haha, I will never get married to him. He can do whatever he wants with Sarah,” Freya said angrily.

Catherine sighed. “You can only acknowledge it now. If you deny it, the netizens will scold you for being a mistress and say that you ruined Rodney and Sarah’s relationship. Do you want to be called a mistress, or would you rather Sarah get scolded?”

Freya was stunned. She was exasperated. “Why is it like this?”

“It’s simple. The Snow family must’ve arranged the reporters this morning. They’re most probably going with the flow.” Catherine frowned. “As for the fact that you got set up last night, I reckon the Snow family wouldn’t do that. Were you being targeted by some perverted guy yesterday?”

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