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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 933

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 933

“Nonsense. Of course this is…”

Rodney looked around. Suddenly, he felt unconfident. This did not look like his room either.

“This isn’t your room as well, right?” Freya’s eyes were red from anger. “Rodney Snow, you pervert. Who would’ve known you’d make a move on me behind Sarah’s back? You looked so deeply in love with her. Are you short of women? Why didn’t you go and look for Sarah?”

“I made a move on you?” Rodney was enraged. “ You were the one who fancied my identity and sneaked in while I was drunk.”

He was about to go insane. He finally proposed to Sarah and painstakingly kept his virginity, yet it was all destroyed by that woman overnight.

“Ugh, with that retarded brain of yours, I wouldn’t be interested in having sex with you even if you begged me to. Besides… last night was my first time too, okay?” Freya was so upset that she could cry.

“Enough. Don’t take me for a fool. There’s no way a fickle woman like you is still a virgin. I’ve seen you cling to other men…”

Before he could finish his sentence, he noticed bloodstains on the white sheets, and he suddenly froze.

The bloodstains could not be faked. He did not expect that it was really Freya’s first time.

He was in a daze and at a loss. “Hey, don’t look for me to take responsibility. I won’t be responsible for you.”

“Scumbag, you should die.”

Freya took a pillow and was about to hit his body.

At that moment, the room door opened, and a bunch of reporters barged in.

That scene was too familiar. Rodney could break down right there and then. Why was he always met with those kinds of stuff?

“Young Master Snow, aren’t you in a relationship with Sarah? Why did you sleep with Director Lynch?”

“Young Master Snow, does this mean you’re having an affair?”

“Ms. Lynch, can you explain your relationship with

Young Master Snow?”

“It seems like last night was intense.”

The reporters kept snapping their cameras at Freya and Rodney.

Freya quickly wrapped herself in the blanket and escaped to the bathroom. Was this not the idea that she had used against Rodney last time? Never did she expect that she would have her pictures taken today and that feeling drove her insane.

Why was she so unlucky? Who exactly did she offend?

Fortunately, the security guards of the hotel rushed over and cleared the scene. They even were so thoughtful to send both of them clothes.

After Freya had changed into the clothes and sneaked out of the bathroom, Rodney lashed out at the hotel’s manager with a dark expression.

“Those reporters just ran straight in without even needing to knock on the door. This obviously means that they had the key card. What is your hotel doing?”

“Young Master Snow, you held a press conference here last night. It was Osher Corporation who

booked rooms for the reporters. They slept in the rooms downstairs last night. As for the fact that they came in because they had the key card, I really don’t know how it ended up in their hands, ” the hotel manager explained embarrassedly.

“Go and investigate this thoroughly. Now.”

Having lost his temper, Rodney warned Freya, “ If the media asks, you should say you’re the one who seduced me. Do you understand? You don’t have a man anyway, whereas I’m different. Sarah will break up with me.”

“I seduced you?” Freya was speechless. “Are you even a man? Don’t you feel ashamed? All you ever do is think about yourself. Have you ever thought about how important this matter is to me, a woman?”

“Stop talking nonsense. If I find out that you were the one who got me in here last night, the consequences will be horrible,” Rodney warned her grimly.

“Same goes for you.”

Freya walked out angrily, but when she was at the door, she turned her head around.

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