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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 929

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 929

“I’ve prepared a dress for you. Change into it before you go down.” Rodney pointed at a dark green dress on the sofa with his chin.

“My clothes are fine. Why do I have to change it?” Freya was puzzled.

“The color of your dress is the same as Sarah’s,” Rodney said calmly. “ Since she’s my fiancee and the future wife to the company’s president, I won’t allow you to wear the same color as her.”

After a moment’s astonishment, Freya’s chest felt like it could explode from anger. “What the f*ck? Why don’t you say you won’t allow Sarah and I to have the same gender too?”

Rodney frowned at her words. “You’re a daughter from a noble family, yet your mouth is full of foul words. How vulgar.”

“Why didn’t you say I was vulgar when you hired me to be the cosmetic chemist?”

Freya sneered. “The design of my dress is different from Sarah’s. Why can’t I wear a red dress just because she wore it? Do you really think of yourself as the nephew of Australia’s president already?

Your uncle hasn’t even assumed the position. Everyone in the Snow family keeps a low profile, so how did they have a child like you? Rodney, can you stop being a disgrace to your family?”

After that, she turned around to leave.

Rodney was infuriated. “Freya Lynch, don’t think I don’t know that you clashed colors with Sarah on purpose. All you want is to let the people here tonight think you’re prettier than Sarah and have people mock her. She’s already so miserable. Why can’t you and Catherine just leave her alone?”

Freya took a deep breath. She was fuming from anger. “Are you crazy? If you have such a rich imagination, why did you start a cosmetics company? You should be a writer instead. Do you think I can read Sarah’s mind? How would I know what she’d wear?”

“A scheming woman like you will have your own ways.” Rodney snorted.

“I can’t be bothered to care about you. Anyway, don’t think of making me change my clothes, unless I die. ” Freya kept walking. She was not going to argue with that fool any longer.

“Stop right there…”

Enraged, Rodney instinctively stretched out his hand to grab her puffy sleeves. Her dress was off- shouldered, but when he tugged on it as she was walking forward, half a side of the dress slipped.

Even her nipple cover fell out.

Rodney stared at her chest dumb foundedly, which had nothing covering it.

It was apparent that she was busty when she wore the dress, but he never thought she was that busty.

A gush of blood rushed up to his head, and his handsome face flushed red.

“Rodney, you pervert. What are you looking at? ” Freya screamed and covered her chest instinctively with one hand while she slapped him on the face with another.

“How dare you hit me?” Rodney covered his face. His alluring eyes widened in anger.

“You yanked my clothes off. Should I not have hit you?” Freya’s pretty face flushed, either from anger or embarrassment. A man had never seen her bare before in her entire life.

“You were the one who didn’t want to change.” Rodney threatened her unconfidently, “If you don’t change, I’ll do it for you.”

“Come on, then. You can change my clothes for me.” Freya got closer to him furiously. “ If you have the guts, take off my clothes. Worse comes to worst, I’ll call the police and say you took advantage of me. Once this becomes a big issue, let’s see who will be more embarrassed. I’ve experienced more embarrassing things than this three years ago anyway.”

As such, Rodney was forced to take a few steps back. He was much taller than her, so his breath heated up when he glanced down at her chest.

“Fine. Quickly put on your clothes and get out, ” he ordered. She would eventually drive him insane.

After glaring at Rodney, Freya went to the bathroom to tidy her clothes. A moment later, her head popped out from the bathroom in frustration. “Rodney, pick my nipple cover up for me.”

Rodney was taken aback. When he saw the pink thing on the floor, he felt awful. “Why do you even wear this thing?” Pick it up? F*ck, he could not do it at all.

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