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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 927

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 927

Although Sarah had lost Young Master Hill, she still had Young Master Snow, whose family would most probably produce the new prime minister for next year.

“No wonder Young Master Snow couldn’t forget her. She’s very beautiful indeed.”

“Isn’t she? Her figure is so good, and she’s such a stunner.”

When Sarah heard the series of compliments, she started to feel smug.

So what if she had lost Shaun? She could still be everyone’s center of attention.

Cindy secretly felt envious as she looked on. She initially looked down at Sarah when Shaun dumped her, but who would expect…

Chester was the only one with a frown. He had caught the hidden smugness in Sarah’s eyes the moment she walked in just now.

Although it was gone in an instant, it was strange.

She clearly loved Shaun for more than 1o years and had just broken up. She even attempted suicide for Shaun before. Could she indulge herself in a relationship with Rodney in just a few days?

He suddenly realized that maybe they did not truly understand Sarah before.

She had changed a long time ago.

However… He glanced at Rodney, who was smiling sweetly, and secretly let out a helpless sigh.

Forget it. It was fine as long as Rodney liked it. He finally got his wishes fulfilled.

“ Sarah… ” Rodney immediately went forward and held Sarah’s hand.

“Rodney, don’t do this. Many people are watching, and I’m still not too comfortable with it.” A trace of awkwardness flashed across Sarah’s eyes, especially when she saw Chester’s gaze. “Chester, you came too…”

Her eyes wandered around hesitantly after she spoke.

“I didn’t invite Shaun.” Rodney could guess her thoughts.

“ Is that a good idea?” Sarah said worriedly, “After all, he’s your best friend. You invited Chester, but not him. What will other people say?”

“Sarah, Shaun has hurt you quite deeply, yet you’re still so considerate of us, ” Rodney said affectionately.

“I don’t want to affect the relationship between you both.” After all the talking, Sarah realized that although Rodney was touched, Chester was still indifferent to her.

Her heart sank. Did Chester notice something?

“Okay, Rodney. The press conference is about to start, ” Chester reminded him.

Soon, Freya, who was the cosmetic chemist, came downstairs.

She wore an off-shoulder vintage red mermaid- style dress that exposed her shoulders. Her skin was as fair as snow, and there was a diamond necklace o n her beautiful collarbone. Matched with her mixed race -like deep-set cheeks, no one could take their eyes off her.

“Wow, this must be the new research and development director of Osher Corporation. She’s so pretty.”

“Isn’t she? They both wore red dresses, but she has completely defeated Sarah.”

“Watch yourself. Sarah is Rodney Snow’s fiancee after all. But both of them are different. Sarah is just a pretty face, while Freya is pretty and capable.”

“I heard Osher Corporation gave Freya some shares as an invitation for her to join the company. She’s now Osher Corporation’s shareholder.”

“ I wonder if she’s looking for a boyfriend. I really want to get acquainted with her.”

The discussion made Sarah’s blood boil.

For that night’s look, she had prepared for an entire day to have that effect.

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