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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 926

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 926

While Rodney was down, Old Master Snow’s call suddenly came in.

Rodney was so frightened that he almost threw his phone away. Seeing a call from the Snow family now was like seeing the king of hell coming for his life.

Then, the phone stopped ringing, but soon, another call came in. The cycle kept going on and on.

Left with no choice, Rodney could only pick up the call. “Grandpa…”

“How dare you still call me your grandpa for turning a deaf ear to my words? You wicked thing. I shouldn’t have let you out. ” Old Master Snow was exasperated. “I’ve only just let you out this morning, and you’ve proposed to Sarah by evening. Come back, and I’ll beat you to death.”

“Grandpa, Sarah is really pitiful. I must stand up to protect her this time. I don’t understand why all of you have such prejudice toward Sarah.”

Rodney said frustratingly, “Catherine is an outsider, yet all of you believe everything she says. I’m your biological grandson. Do you think I can’t tell whether Sarah is a good person or not?”

“Shut your mouth, you idiot, ” Old Master Snow scolded. “If you dare marry Sarah, don’t bother coming back to the Snow family ever again.”

“I’m sorry, Grandpa. I must marry Sarah,” Rodney replied without hesitation.

“Very well, Rodney Snow. Don’t you regret this.”

Old Master Snow threw the phone aside in a fit of anger. The old man was so pissed off that he almost fainted.

“Dad, calm down.” Jason tried to soothe him. “Get lost. What a rotten son you have. He exists

only to make me angry.” Old Master Snow lost his temper.

Jason sighed. Old Master Snow had obviously forgotten that Rodney was the Snow family’s first grandchild. When Rodney was born, Old Master Snow grinned ear to ear every day and treated Rodney very preciously.

“Go. Go and call Jessica back,” Old Master Snow ordered.

Soon, Jessica came back.

Old Master Snow said, “Jessica, I have a task for you. I don’t care what method you use, but you mustn’t let Rodney marry that woman, Sarah, into the family.”

Jessica’s head hurt. Why did these kinds of trivial matters always fall on her shoulders?

“There’s no other way.” Old Master Snow was helpless. “You’re the most hard-hearted person in the Snow family. Only you can bear to do this.”

Jessica smiled bitterly. She did not know if she should be happy or sad at that fact.

The next day.

During the launching banquet of Osher Corporation’s new product, Rodney was all smug.

In his career, obtaining a super trump card that was Freya had enabled the company to launch a firming serum. Many employees had already tested the serum, and the effects were excellent. Hence, he could see a breakthrough in Osher Corporation’s sales again.

As for his love life, Sarah, whom he had loved secretly for more than ten years, finally said yes to his proposal. At this moment, he felt like his life was perfect.

Chester, who was holding a glass of wine, gave him a side glance. “Put away that silly smile of yours. You haven’t stopped smiling ever since I walked in the door.”

Cindy smiled. “It can’t be helped. Young Master Rodney now has both his career and the love of his life. By the way, Young Master Snow must’ve invited Sarah over tonight, but why can’t I spot her?”

“She’s here.” After Rodney spoke, his eyes lit up at the sight of the woman who had just entered the room.

That night, Sarah wore a red velvet mermaid-style dress that had a high slit at the side and a large girlish ribbon on the neckline. The dress made her look fairer and gave off a playful, girlish vibe.

When she appeared, it was as if all spotlights were on her. The red color was especially eye-catching.

Beside her, Thomas wore a black suit. As both brother and sister walked over, they caught everyone’s envious and jealous gazes.

If there were a woman that all women of Australia envied at the moment, it would naturally be Sarah.

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