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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 924

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 924

“Hurry up and get lost,” Yael warned.

Herman glared at her with fury, but he could only do as he was told. After all, he could not afford to provoke Shaun, who was in charge of Liona.

However, he did not think that someone from Liona was still protecting Sarah. Shaun had asked Yael to leave, had he not?

Only after Herman left did Yael immediately lift Sarah up to her feet. “Are you okay, Miss Neeson? It’s my fault. I only managed to sneak back to Australia a few days ago, and I didn’t expect…”

“Yael, I’m thankful for you. Otherwise, I would’ve jumped off the building today. ” Sarah hugged Yael and burst into tears. “Now that everyone knows that I’ve lost my pillar, a lot of them have come to humiliate me.”

Yael was both heartbroken and angry to hear that. “ Eldest Young Master is really cruel. You’ve known him for more than ten years. It’s okay if he doesn’t want you, but he didn’t have to announce it to the public.”

“Drop it, Yael. If Shaunic realizes that you’re back, he might destroy your tendons. ” Sarah pushed her away in a state of panic. “He can be so heartless towards me, much less you.”

Yael shuddered and recalled Eldest Young Master thinking about kicking her out of Liona.

“Yael, don’t stay by my side anymore. If Shaunic gets back together with Catherine in the future, you must remember to please Catherine, okay?” Sarah reminded her concernedly, “ It’s not worth staying with me.”

Yael almost burst out crying. The public always dreaded people from Liona, but they did not know that she was merely a bodyguard in the Hill family who treated her like a dog. Only Sarah took her as a friend. Even up until this day, Sarah had been genuine in looking out for her.

“Leave now.” Sarah pushed her away with tears in her eyes.

Only after Yael left did Sarah give someone a call. “ She has left…”

Spaced out, Yael was just about to get into her car in the car park when a middle-aged man with

sunglasses suddenly approached her. “Miss Chadwick, I’d like to have a word with you.”

“Who are you? Go away.” Yael glowered at him.

Nevertheless, the man in sunglasses blocked her way, and the corners of his mouth twitched. “I know you’re a member of Liona, but are you planning to be Shaun’s dog forever?”

Yael was taken aback.

On the upper floor of the mall.

Sarah had ordered a cup of coffee. As she slowly stirred it, the music in the cafe suddenly changed into a sweet tune.

After that, a servant pushed a large three-tier cake toward her. On top of the cake were the two words ‘Marry Me’ written with jam.

While Sarah was stunned, she saw Rodney coming toward her with a large bouquet of flowers. Then, he sank to his knees in front of her. “Sarah, please marry me. To be honest, I’ve liked you for a long time now, ever since we were studying, but you were in a relationship with Shaun at that time. Since Shaun can’t make you happy, I’ll do it. I might not be as outstanding as him, but I’ll give

you all my love, and this will never ever change.”

“Rodney…” Sarah was dazed for a moment, but she promptly played along with her eyes red. “I… I really don’t deserve you.”

“Enough. In my eyes, you’re the purest woman, and I want you to be my wife. Please give me a chance.” Rodney raised his head affectionately. “ Don’t reject me.”

“…Okay.” Sarah finally nodded. At present, it was impossible for her to get back together with Shaun anymore, so she could only marry Rodney reluctantly. Although Rodney could not inherit Snow Corporation, at least she would not be taunted and teased anymore.

“That’s wonderful, Sarrah. Thank you.” Rodney cautiously put a ring on her finger and wrapped her into his arms.

At the side, some people had taken videos and photos of them and shared them online. Soon, ‘ Young Master Snow Proposed To Sarah’ made it to the trending searches.

[Damn, how lucky of Sarah. Shaun had just dumped her, yet here Young Master Snow was, proposing to her immediately after.]

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