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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 923

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 923

Shaun had trouble sleeping last night again. When he got up in the morning and put on his clothes, Rodney’s deafening knocks on the door suddenly rang from the outside.

As soon as he opened the door, Rodney rushed in. The wound on his face had not healed, and his alluring eyes were filled with rage. “Shaun Hill, how dare you publicly announce that you’ve broken up with Sarah. You even claimed that both of you would never get back together. Are you human? She has hurt herself so badly. Why must you torture her?”

The fuss Rodney made caused Shaun’s head to hurt. “Did the Snow family just release you?”

“Duh. I just went to visit Sarah, and she has slit her wrist to kill herself again because of you. Shaun, I f* cking feel like killing you.”

Boiling with anger, Rodney pointed at him. “Hasn’t she suffered enough from the kidnap last time? I thought you’d protect her when the Snow family locked me up. But it turns out that you believe what

other people say about Sarah plotting the incident. It wouldn’t take an idiot to know that Sarah couldn’t have done such a thing.”

At the sight of Rodney’s reaction, Shaun found himself so angry that he did not know what to say. He seemed to have grasped why Catherine always used to call him blind. It was probably because whenever Catherine confronted him, he would act as how Rodney just did.

He really wanted to hit Rodney’s head with a hammer.

“Rodney, it’s true that the matter has nothing to do with Catherine and Logan…”

“After all, you’re biased toward Catherine. You’ve been so bewitched by her that you can’t differentiate right from wrong, ” Rodney shouted at him.

Shaun’s temples pulsed, and he said indifferently, “ Enough. No matter how you criticize and advise me, I’ve made up my mind. Since I have no feelings for Sarah anymore, I should keep a distance from her. She should have her own life too. I can’t possibly protect her forever. So when both of you meet up next time, you don’t have to invite me. Even if you kneel in front of me now, I won’t change my mind.”

“Great, Shaun. I’ll remember your words. From now on, I, Rodney Snow, do not have a cruel buddy like you anymore. Since you don’t want Sarah, I do. I’ll be responsible for the rest of her life.”

Rodney kicked the door and left in a huff.

Disappointed, Shaun rubbed his forehead. He did not expect that his relationship with Rodney would one day end in such a state because of a woman.

However, he did not want anyone to affect or threaten his relationship anymore.

Whether he loved a person or not, he had to make it clear.

In the mall.

Sarah was casually shopping around.

All of a sudden, a sleazy-looking, fat man clutched onto her arm. “Hey, Sarah. Are you shopping around? What are you planning to buy? I can buy it for you as long as you become my woman.”

“Young Master Russell, let go of me.”

Sarah struggled with all her strength, and her pure face was filled with panic.

However, Young Master Russell was more tempted to have her the more she struggled. “Why are you still so reserved? You used to have Shaun and Chester protect you, but I heard they don’t care about you anymore. Shaun even announced to the public that he would never get back together with you. But I’m quite interested in the woman of Australia’s wealthiest man.”

“Herman, I don’t even like you. Let go of me now. You’re hurting me.”

She begged softly.

Herman Russell melted upon hearing her. “My darling, you sound so sweet. I’m particularly eager to hear you invite me to bed with you. Let’s go. No matter what, I have to take you away today.”

He dragged her away by force.

When Yael spotted Herman almost hugging Catherine, she dashed out and gave him a kick before she hurriedly protected Sarah in her arms.

“How dare you b*stard kick me. You’ve lived…” Herman lifted his head, only to see Yael’s stony expression. He instantly choked. “Are you from Liona?”

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