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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 919

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 919

The next day.

Shaun announced on his official account on Facebook. [Recent rumors about Sarah Neeson and I getting married and getting back together are spreading like wildfire. Today, I’m here to confirm that Miss Neeson and I have officially broken up because we no longer have feelings for each other. We will never get back together again.]

Once the news was released, it caused an uproar on Facebook.

[Eldest Young Master is truly a scumbag.]

[It’s my first time seeing a scummy man saying things so… arrogantly. I have no idea what to say anymore.]

[They were only just preparing for their wedding the other day, yet now, they have no feelings for each other anymore. Tsk, to put it bluntly, he has changed his mind.]

[It looks like Eldest Young Master is still thinking about Eldest Young Lady Jones.]

[Is Eldest Young Master going to officially announce his relationship with Eldest Young Lady Jones? I can’t wait.]

[That’s very likely. I saw them going on an outing together the other day.]

As such, the netizens went to Catherine’s profile and left their comments.

[Rin, are you going to remarry Shaun officially?]

[When are you guys going to make an official announcement about it? I’ll be the first to send you my blessings.]

[Rin, don’t get back together with scummy Shaun. I think you deserve someone better.]

Catherine, who was currently working in Hudson, was completely speechless when she spotted herself somehow on the trending searches.

A moment later, she made an announcement through her account. [Shaun and I had attempted to get back together a while back, but we realized that we’re not a suitable match. Personally, I’m fond of men who are decisive in relationships, so it’s impossible for us to get back together again. I hope you guys won’t drag me into Shaun’s relationship

anymore. From now on, we’ll wish each other well.]

As soon as the news was released, it caused a commotion among the netizens who had been waiting for the news.

[What do you mean by being fond of men who are decisive in relationships? Rin, was scummy Shaun always in touch with Sarah when he was in a relationship with you?]

[Poor Rin, don’t be upset because of Shaun anymore. You deserve someone better.]

[I heard Shaun even filed a lawsuit against Rin a few days ago for the sake of Sarah. The two of them confronted each other in court.]

[Damn. Shaun has to be the scummiest person in the world.]

At this moment, Shaun was sitting in the office. The minute he saw Catherine’s post, he felt as if something had pierced a hole in his heart, and he shuddered.

He did not expect her to be so cruel.

She even publicly announced that they would never get back together and wished each other well.

How could he be well without her?

He promptly took a pen and drew a heart shape on the paper. After that, he took a picture of it and shared it on Facebook. [A lifetime of waiting.]

The netizens then commented. [With a heart shape and the phrase ‘a lifetime of waiting’, does he mean that he’s going to spend a lifetime waiting for Catherine?]

[Oh man, what is Eldest Young Master doing? I’m not used to him being affectionate instead of scummy.]

[We won’t understand the rich man’s world. Three years ago, he said that Sarah was his true love.

Three years later, he said he would spend a lifetime waiting for Catherine. Bah, I don’t buy it.]

Catherine soon caught sight of the post that Shaun shared. The corners of her mouth curled into a mocking smile.

A lifetime of waiting? Forget about it. She would not buy it either.

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