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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 918

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 918


Shaun chuckled. “Do you mean the kind of friend who is at her beck and call? But when she calls me and I arrive late, she’ll make a scene? At the same time, I have to take responsibility for her safety and happiness for the rest of her life.”

Sarah promptly argued, “No…”

“Sarah, when did you turn into this kind of person?” Shaun interrupted her sentence impatiently. “We were merely in a relationship, and we’ve never slept together up until this day. I’ve even given you lots of property and money when we broke up. But why do you always behave like you’ll kill yourself if I refuse to be with you?”

He had had enough of everything.

He had enough of having to be responsible to Sarah for the rest of his life.

He had enough of hurting Catherine over and over again because of Sarah.

Sarah was shocked by his fierce expression. “You’ve misunderstood. I wanted to kill myself because I feel that I’m… filthy. Shaunic, I love you. My love for you has never changed.”

“Unfortunately, I don’t love you anymore.”

Shaun said directly and indifferently, “ Sarah, you should be content. Catherine married me and even suffered a miscarriage because of me, yet I didn’t give her a penny when we got a divorce. For a cruel and heartless man like me, I’m considered kind to you. I even went all out to protect and look after your useless brother. Although you cured my illness, I’ve returned the favor. Tell me, in which aspect do I still owe you?”

Sarah and Thomas were both dazed.

Shaun may be sitting in a wheelchair, but the rage i n his eyes filled them with fear.

A while later, Sarah said miserably, “Do you think Logan’s matter was my doing? I didn’t do it. I swear

“Whether you did it or not, it no longer matters. What matters is that if you continue to pester me like this, I can never find another woman to marry.”

Shaun’s handsome brows were filled with annoyance. “ I’ll soon announce to the public that we’ve broken up so as to stop those reporters from taking random photos of us. Sarah, we’re done. If you plan to commit suicide in the future, don’t call me, and I’ll remove the Liona member from you as well. If you’re kidnapped, ask the kidnapper to look for Thomas. I cannot be responsible to you for the rest of your life.”

With that, Shaun moved his wheelchair. Once Hadley grasped his intention, he immediately pushed him out.

“No, Shaunic. Don’t leave.” Sarah went after Shaun, sobbing. As much as she wanted to grab Shaun, Hadley blocked her.

“Shaunic, I can’t live without you. Have you forgotten our promise? How can you be so cruel? Is it because of Catherine? She doesn’t even love you as much as I do.”

Shaun looked back and glanced at her tearful face. If this were back then, he would have been moved.

However, scenes of Catherine’s heartbroken expression after he hurt her time and time again flashed before his eyes.

All of a sudden, his heart began to ache.

It was his first time being annoyed at Sarah.

“Even if she doesn’t love me, it’s fine as long as I love her. As for you, I have no feelings for you


Shaun had made it abundantly clear to her. Not wanting to stay any longer, he told Hadley to push him out of the ward.

Only then did it dawn on him that it was indeed hurtful to protect Sarah on one hand and try winning Catherine’s heart on the other hand.

Since Catherine called him cruel, he might as well be unequivocally cruel.

Sounds of Sarah’s hysterical weeping echoed in the ward. Thomas was also in a foul mood.

“We’re done. As I said, your suicide tactic has annoyed Eldest Young Master. Now that we’ve lost such a big support, what do we do?”

“Shut up, ” Sarah yelled at him in distress. Her eyes were burning with intense hatred. ‘Shaun, you’re too cruel.’

She loved him so much that she had hurt her body for him again and again. Yet, he still abandoned her in the end, and for that, she must make him suffer.

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