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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 916

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 916

“Eldest Young Master, please focus on getting well first.” Hadley reminded, “We’re close to succeeding with our microchip. By then, not only Australia but the whole world will place their orders with us. It will be a big step-up for Hill Corporation this time.”

Shaun remained silent.

Indeed, Hill Corporation would go further, and he would have more money to burn.

However, what was the point of making so much money? The woman whom he would like to spend money on had hated him to the core.

Shaun’s phone vibrated all of a sudden.

It was a call from Sarah. Before this, Sarah had sent him messages regarding her explanation on the news.

He was not in the mood for checking it out at all. In fact, he just found it irritating.

At night, Irving from Liona gave him a call. “Eldest Young Master, Miss Neeson has slit her wrist in the villa bathtub.”

Shaun sat up right away and asked with a nervous voice, “How is she now?”

“Luckily, we found out about it soon enough to send her to the hospital for emergency treatment. I’m now in the ambulance to the hospital, and I’ve already informed Thomas. Eldest Young Master, are you… coming?”

Shaun responded indifferently, “I just had an operation. How can I come?”

“Oh, okay…” Irving was a little surprised as he thought Eldest Young Master would rush there anxiously.

Back then, Eldest Young Master would hurry to see Sarah without a second thought whenever something happened to her. This included even if he was on an overseas business trip, dealing with some important matters.

Irving lowered his head and glanced at Sarah, who was lying in the ambulance with a pale face. As a man, he used to take pity on her too, but he had seen it so much that he was numb to it.

After all, it was not Sarah’s first time committing suicide. She had been admitted to the hospital so frequently these days that it seemed like the hospital was her home.

In the ward, Shaun gave Chester a call.

Chester had just finished an exhausting six-hour operation. He was about to take a rest when he heard Shaun’s words, which made him so furious that he did not know what to say.

“Is she addicted to committing suicide? She might as well rent a place in the hospital and stay there.”

“She’s actually quite cruel to herself.” Shaun laughed bitterly. Ever since the trial, he could no longer think sensibly when it came to Sarah’s affairs.

Moreover, Sarah had been staying in the hospital recently, so he had been frequenting between the hospital, office, and home. He had since had a good rest.

He, too, was exhausted.

“Yeah. It’s as if we must be responsible for her life.” Chester felt a twinge of annoyance.

He used to treat Sarah as his sister and sympathized with what she had gone through.

However, Shaun and Chester were not the ones who contributed to her suffering. She had been in endless trouble. One minute, she fell from the stairs, and the next, she nearly committed suicide because she was treated violently. Now, she committed suicide in the house.

As a doctor, Chester had seen a lot of patients who passed away as a result of serious illnesses. Hence, he valued life, but he did not sense that in Sarah.

In the morning.

Sarah woke up slowly, only to see Thomas playing games beside her.

Her eyes swept across the ward, and she nearly fainted. “Where’s Shaunic? Didn’t he come? And where’s Chester?” “Young Master Jewell came here for a short while last night, but Young Master Hill hasn’t come.”

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