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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 915

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 915

Catherine smiled faintly. “Anyway, we no longer have anything to do with Yule Corporation. It’s up to you to do whatever you want, Young Master Campos. But having said that, let me remind you that Damien and his daughter might not be able to beat Kawada.”

With that, Catherine left without bothering to see Charlie’s expression.

Soon, Melanie came out of the ward and looked at him anxiously. “Charlie, what do we do now? It seems that Joel is set on selling the shares, and no one can stop him.”

Charlie’s heart did a flip before he sighed. “We can’t let Kawada be the chairman, much less have the chance to get involved in the internal affairs of Yule Corporation. Otherwise, he’ll make the Yule family a figurehead sooner or later.”

Melanie’s face instantly paled. In fact, she had expected this.

“Kawada is a cunning person, so you’re definitely no match for him. We have to depend on your dad. If

your dad can’t beat him, then you and your dad…”

Charlie shook his head as he spoke, “You guys can only sit back and enjoy the dividends. But you can only take the amount he’s willing to offer you.”

“No way…” Melanie was so shocked that she quickly shook her head. “Charlie, as my husband, you need to help me. We’re bound together. What’s more, the Campos family and the Yule family have been working closely with each other. If I lose my position in Yule Corporation, it’ll certainly affect our joint venture.”

“Needless to say, I’m concerned about this too. ” Charlie wrapped his arm around her shoulders. “ What about getting Mike to help you out? I’ll make him your assistant.”

Melanie’s eyes flashed with hesitance. She did not want to have Charlie’s people in Yule Corporation, and Mike Castle was Charlie’s secretary.

“Wifey, now is the time for us to unite and turn against outsiders, ” Charlie whispered. “As your husband, I definitely want my wife’s family to be well. I have my dignity to retain too. Hopefully, Dad can have complete control over Yule Corporation this time.”

“Okay.” Melanie nodded without hesitation.

She believed that Charlie would deal with Kawada on her behalf, considering that she was his wife.

Little did she know that out of the corner of her eyes, Charlie’s eyes slowly turned grim.

Once Charlie walked out of the hospital, he called Mike over. “Find a way to contact President Kawada.”

“Young Master Campos, are you trying to…” “Collaborate.” Charlie narrowed his eyes.

Mike was dumbfounded. “But you don’t even know Kawada. Will he agree to collaborate with you?”

“A rival can become your friend as long as you entice him enough.”

Charlie snorted. “What else do Melanie and her dad have at this point? With only some shares left in Yule Corporation, the two of them are no match for Kawada, who is different since he owns a transnational company. We’ll achieve success if we work together. I’ve assigned you to work for Melanie. I want you to join hands with Kawada and make Yule Corporation ours within two months.”

Looking at Charlie’s features on his handsome face, Mike could not help but shudder.

The public often called Shaun brutal, but they did not know how brutal the Campos family could actually be. Charlie could even take advantage of his wife in order to gain power. How terrifying.

In the ward.

Hadley informed Shaun, “Eldest Young Master, Miss Jones came to the hospital because Old Master Yule was sent here after he fainted from anger during the meeting.”

“Was it because Joel sold off the shares?” Shaun asked with a croaky voice.

“Yeah. It has spread like wildfire and caused an uproar across the business industry in Australia. ” Hadley exclaimed, “There’s going to be a major change in Yule Corporation.”

“Not bad. Considering the close collaboration between Campos Corporation and Yule Corporation, Charlie must have a hidden agenda. It was safe and wise of Catherine to get rid of this whirlpool.”

Shaun’s exquisite and thin lips forced out a pale smile.

Speechless, Hadley secretly teased Shaun, ‘You’ve broken up with Catherine, yet you’re acting as if you’re still her boyfriend.’

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