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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 911

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 911

“Catherine isn’t an illegitimate child.”

“Since you didn’t marry her mom, it means she’s an illegitimate child. This kind of person isn’t qualified to be a part of the Yule family’s house. If you insist on acknowledging her, you’re no longer my son.” Old Madam Yule threatened Joel.

“Dad is still in the emergency room, so I don’t want to argue with you.” Joel panted as he turned around. He was so pissed that his frail body was trembling.

“Take a seat first, Dad.” Catherine promptly held him to the seat. “I’m going downstairs to buy you a bottle of water.”

Melanie teased in a strange tone, “Even Granny isn’t seated yet despite her old age. You’re quite good at currying favors. No wonder you’ve got Uncle Joel wrapped around your hands.”

Then, she turned around and brought Old Madam Yule to a seat.

“You’re so understanding, unlike someone.” Old Madam Yule shook her head. She was extremely upset with Catherine.

Joel was so infuriated that his face reddened. If it had not been for the fact that Old Master Yule was currently under emergency treatment, he would have left without a second thought.

“It doesn’t matter, Dad. Grandpa and Granny haven’t liked me since the very beginning anyway, and after all, they weren’t the ones who raised me. Fortunately, I have no intention of returning to the Yule family’s house either.”

After consoling Joel, she turned around and went downstairs to get him some water.

In the VIP ward.

Shaun was lying on the bed while on sodium chloride IV infusion.

His pale yet exquisitely handsome face was expressionless, and his gaze was empty. As if he had given up on the world, he exuded a sense of despondency.

Even the air of authority, sternness, and sharpness he used to have was absent. At that moment, he was just like a man at his wits’ end.

At the sight of his situation, Hadley took pity on him. “Eldest Young Master, you should eat something. Since your surgery ended yesterday, you haven’t eaten anything. Your body won’t be able to take it no matter how fit you usually are.”

Shaun pursed his thin lips without uttering a word. He was not even in the mood to say anything.

He had never hated his mouth so much. Why was he not a dumb person? Otherwise, he would not have thrown those hurtful remarks at Catherine.

At that moment, a familiar figure flashed past the door.

He sat up with a jolt and directly removed the tubes on his hand before he dashed after the figure.

Hadley was taken aback. “Eldest Young Master, your hand is still bleeding… You’ve just had an operation. The doctor said that you can’t move, or your wound will split open.”

Nevertheless, Shaun acted as if he did not hear it. Instead, he ran as fast as he could until he gripped the thin person in front of him.


Catherine, who was walking forward, suddenly felt someone grip her and heard a man’s hoarse voice at

the same time.

She turned around, only to see Shaun’s eyes filled with agony.

He still looked handsome despite being in a white hospital gown. In fact, the outfit revealed the weakness of the usually powerful man, making him seem like a little puppy that needed care and protection.

“Are you here to visit me?” Shaun fixed his greedy eyes on her. His tone was filled with cautiousness and flattery, which was rare. “My ward is at the back.”

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