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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 910

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 910

In the hospital.

In front of the emergency room, Melanie could not help but glare at Catherine after she hung up the phone.

“Look at what you’ve done. Just now, President Kawada said a board meeting will be held next

week. From his tone, it sounds like he wants to sit in the position of chairman.”

Catherine listened to her indifferently and gave her a side -glance. “Isn’t that obvious? Did you think a person like President Kawada would only want to take a share of the dividends after joining Yule Corporation?”

“You… ” Melanie was furious. “Catherine Jones, are you doing this on purpose? That’s right. After all, your last name isn’t Yule. You don’t care who Yule Corporation belongs to. All people like you care about is money.”

“You don’t say! Anyway, even if I’m my dad’s successor, you all love to ignore me and don’t acknowledge me at all in the company. I advised the shareholders not to open a joint venture company with Campos Corporation, but you all refused to listen.

“So, I persuaded my dad to sell his shares. Besides, didn’t you and your dad painstakingly encourage Grandpa to let you both return to Yule Corporation? You’ve long conspired with the shareholders of the company.”

Catherine said with a fake smile on her face, “Now that Dad and I are gone, we have nothing to do with Yule Corporation anymore. You should be happy instead.”

Melanie wanted to vomit blood. How could she be happy?

Joel was in poor health, so as long as Old Master Yule was around, he could hold Joel down firmly.

However, if President Kawada joined, it did not matter how much Grandpa pressured him. Besides, President Kawada might not care about Old Master Yule at all.

“Uncle, didn’t you see? Grandpa fainted from anger just now.” Melanie had to turn her attention to Joel. “If Kawada becomes the chairman of the company, Grandpa might actually die from anger. He’s your father.”

“I’ve already sold the shares. And I can’t let Catherine go to jail, ” Joel replied perfunctorily and casually.

“Just let her go to jail.”

Old Madam Yule suddenly appeared with a cane.

“Mom…” Joel was about to speak but the old madam slapped him across the face.

“Are you trying to anger your father and me to death? Did your father make you the company’s majority shareholder just for you to sell your shares? He wanted you to take charge of Yule Corporation and make it flourish. Joel, how could you have done such a thing?”

The old madam accused him sadly and with disappointment. “It’s all thanks to the great expectations we had for you. If we had known, we should’ve handed the company to Damien instead.”

Joel’s heart burst into chills. “Mom, have you forgotten what Damien did to me? Nicola and he —”

“He was seduced by Nicola. Your brother is simple and sentimental. He has never had a girlfriend in his life before this. Nicola fooled him. In addition, he has low self-esteem and has been suffering all these years. Can’t you be more understanding as an older brother?” Old Madam Yule said hatefully.

Joel’s heart chilled, but Catherine could not bear to hear it anymore.

“Damien Yule suffered, but didn’t my dad suffer too? The wife he was married to cuckolded him for tens of years, and even the child he raised was not his own. Have you thought about my dad’s feelings? He was given a slow-acting poison and even now, his body is still unwell.”

“Your grandfather knows that his body is unwell. That’s why he went back to Yule Corporation at his age, ” Old Madam Yule said angrily, “If you didn’t want to manage the company, you could’ve given the shares to Damien. Why did you sell them to others? Do you need money that desperately?”

“Grandma, don’t you understand yet? Uncle… thinks that after Grandpa came back to the company, he’s been stopping Catherine from climbing to the top,” Melanie said provokingly,“ The last time Catherine came to the company, Grandpa didn’t listen to her and agreed to cooperate with Campos Corporation.”

“Absurd! Does Yule Corporation belong to you? Why should your grandfather listen to you?” Old Madam Yule glared hatefully at Catherine. “Who do you think you are?”

”Mom…” Joel got angry.

”What? Are you going to argue with me over an illegitimate daughter?” Old Madam Yule lost her temper.

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