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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 908

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 908

The next day.

Just as Catherine was making breakfast for Lucas, Joel suddenly got a call from Old Master Yule.

“Joel Yule, you actually sold the shares of the company. This is our Yules’ family business which our ancestors left to us. Get to the company right now. Even if you can’t physically come here, you have to crawl over, you wicked thing!”

The old master scolded so loudly that even Catherine heard it in the kitchen.

“Dad…” She looked at Joel worriedly. “I guess Mr. Kawada went to the company.”

“It’s fine. Since I had decided to sell them, I was already prepared to be scolded by your grandfather.” Joel smiled bitterly and helplessly.

“Grandpa is very angry now. I’m afraid he won’t just stop at scolding you.” Catherine frowned.

“The worst thing that can happen is that they expel me from the Yule family. I don’t care anymore.” Joel gave a long sigh.

“I’ve obeyed your grandparents all my life. Back then, it was them who insisted on me being with Nicola, which led to me separating from your mom. The fatherly love that should’ve belonged to you was all given to Melanie, but the most ridiculous thing is that Melanie isn’t even my daughter. Yet, your grandparents still protect Damien and Melanie. I’ve had enough of this life.”

“Grandpa, you’re not alone. Mommy and I will be with you.” Lucas lifted his cute little face and comforted him.

“You’re a good boy. In the future, everything Grandpa has will be for you, your mom, and Suzie.” Joel smiled. “Thinking about it, I’m only in my 5os. I want to start another company.”

“Dad, you’ll always have my support. ” Catherine smiled. “I’ll go with you to the company after breakfast. After all, I was the one who sold the shares. Mr. Kawada must have gone to the company in person. I have to talk to him in person.”

At 8:00 a.m., the father and daughter drove to Yule Corporation.

When the two walked into the company, all the employees cast odd and indignant glances at the

“The person in charge of Yule Corporation might change soon. I wonder if we’ll still be called Yule Corporation.”

“What does that mean? What are you guys talking about?”

“My God, it’s such a big event but you still don’t know? Today, President Kawada from Delta Co. Ltd. came to the company, saying that Joel Yule sold all his shares to him. President Kawada will be the biggest shareholder in the future.”

“Isn’t Delta Co. Ltd. from Japan? So our company is going to become a foreign-funded company in the future?”

“Yeah. More importantly, it’s impossible for Old Master Yule to regain control of the company.

Kawada definitely won’t let him manage Yule Corporation. I’m guessing things in the upper management will become turbulent.”

“Joel Yule must be insane. Yule Corporation is the Yule family’s foundation.”

“No kidding! All the shareholders are going mad with anger. Didn’t you see them rushing over this morning? They’re all in the conference room now. ”

Catherine completely ignored the employees’ chatter and walked directly into the conference room with Joel.

The conference room was noisy, and Old Master Yule was yelling at President Kawada, “In Yule Corporation, what I say, goes. Without my consent, he’s not qualified to sell his shares to anyone. You can continue dreaming if you want to enter our company.”

“Mr. Yule, don’t get worked up. Look, Miss Jones and Mr. Yule are here.” Mr. Kawada grinned. “It was Miss Jones who personally agreed to sell the shares to me. We even signed the transfer agreement and I’ve already remitted the money. If you back out now, I can sue you for fraud.”

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