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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 907

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 907

Thomas was anxious. “Sarah, what should we do? If they ignore us in the future, it’ll be too difficult for us to gain a foothold in the capital.”

“Shaun is just acting in a fit of anger and won’t leave me. Besides, Rodney is only temporarily locked up. The Snow family can’t lock him up for the rest of his life, ” Sarah gritted her teeth and said.

“Ugh, I thought you could use this opportunity to get back together with Eldest Young Master Hill, but you just barely missed it. Who would’ve

thought that Catherine would actually win the case?” Thomas carefully looked askance at her. “ Sarah, those two kidnappers were hired by you, right?”

“Don’t talk nonsense. I didn’t do anything.” Sarah glared at him fiercely. “Go back.”

“Fine.” Thomas shrugged. She denied it, but he did not believe her.

After Thomas left, Sarah immediately dialed a number angrily. “Aren’t your people too careless? It was the same with Lucifer’s case before. This

time, there was surveillance footage left after kidnapping me, and even the fingerprints in the car weren’t cleaned. Logan Law should’ve been done for, but the court ended up declaring him innocent. Even Shaun is suspecting me now. You’re going to get me killed.”

“Get you killed?”

The man on the other end let out a low laugh. “ Since you came up with that vicious scheme, you should’ve been prepared to bear the worst consequences. The kidnapping was done at your whim, and I already carried it out seamlessly even though you only gave me less than half a day to plan. Why didn’t you make these things clear beforehand? I deleted all the surveillance footage in accordance with your instructions, but I can’t dismantle all the dashcams in the cars in the community.”

“ If you had just destroyed the car, then everything would have worked out perfectly,” Sarah snapped at him.

“Are you stupid? How would Shaun Hill have found you in the shortest time possible if the car was destroyed? Logan Law was really injected with drugs. If Shaun hadn’t arrived within the time we planned, you would’ve really been assaulted by Logan, ” the man scolded coldly. Sarah was speechless for a moment.

Then, he said, “Sarah Neeson, I’ve helped you twice but apparently, you’re still incapable of returning t o Shaun Hill. Don’t come to me again. You’re of no use to me— ”

“How am I of no use? Even if Shaun doesn’t intend to marry me, Rodney is still devoted to me. Once his uncles will become the prime minister next year. By then, the Snow family’s status will naturally rise as well.”

Sarah said hurriedly. If the three young masters were no longer reliable, she had to make sure she kept a strong grip on this helper.

“Besides, haven’t you always liked Catherine Jones? This time, she and Shaun have turned against each other. I’m afraid there’s no way for them to get back together. Your opportunity has come. You should be thanking me, ” Sarah sneered.

The person laughed in a low voice. “Sarah Neeson, I’ve helped you twice. I really won’t help you again unless you can think of what value you can still bring to me. There’s no need to threaten me either. If this matter is exposed, I’m afraid you’ll also lose the qualification to marry Rodney Snow. Besides,

it’s very easy for me to make a powerless woman disappear.”

The call ended with a beep and a chill filled Sarah’s heart.

In a villa in the city, Wesley stood in front of the floor-to-ceiling window with his phone.

The window in front of him reflected his slender and upright figure. His dark blue pajamas were wrapped around his body. His refined and handsome face gave off a dark and deep aura, which was very different from his gentle and elegant appearance during the day.

Soon, his phone rang, and another unfathomable voice sounded. “How are things going?”

“Almost there, ” Wesley replied respectfully.

“Very good. The Hill family has stood on top for too long. It’s time for them to fall. I’ll be waiting for you,” the person said happily, “You’ve done a good job recently. I’m very optimistic about you.”

“Thank you.”

After hanging up the phone, Wesley’s warm eyes showed hatred and resentment.

Shaun Hill. Soon, he would personally drag that man down!

He would never forget how Shaun had humiliated him in the eyes of the public during Old Master Yule’s birthday party, and he would never forget how cruelly the man had snatched Catherine away.

He had been laying low for three years.

However, he would sit in the top position of the country soon enough.

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