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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 906

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 906

However, before the surgery…

Shaun gritted his teeth and endured the severe pain, tossing his phone to Chester. “Find Catherine’s number. Call her with your phone.”

They were brothers for many years, so Chester immediately knew what Shaun was thinking of. However, he felt that Catherine would not come. Even so, looking at how Shaun’s handsome face had become pale, he could not help but call Catherine o n his phone.

“Hello.” A soft female voice sounded.

Chester cleared his throat. “This is Chester. Shaun drank too much and got a hole in his stomach. He needs to undergo surgery— ”

“I’m not a doctor,” Catherine interrupted him directly and coldly.

“He vomited blood.” Chester smiled bitterly. “ Shaun is very regretful now. I’ve never seen him suffer so much. Can you come over? He really needs you.”

“You’ve called the wrong person. I think the one he needs is Sarah. Don’t call me again. Even if he dies, there’s no need to inform me and get me to send flowers. After all, flowers cost money. I don’t want to waste a single cent on a person like him.”

Catherine hung up the call directly.

The call had been on speaker. Shaun was currently lying on the hospital bed, about to faint from the pain. When he heard the conversation, the slight hope in his eyes gradually extinguished, replaced with endless darkness and misery.

The hole in his stomach hurt, but it was not as painful as the sting caused by the coldness of her words.

Chester sighed and asked the doctor to push him in for surgery.

In the Yule family’s villa.

Catherine casually tossed the phone aside with an indifferent face. It showed no emotions at all.

He thought that her heart would ache just because there was a hole in his stomach? Did he think that she would rush over in the middle of the night?

He really thought of her as a woman who was worried about him.

Not anymore.

“Mommy, did something happen to Shaun?” Lying in bed, Lucas dazedly opened his eyes.

“Yeah, are you worried about it?” Catherine asked in a low voice.

“No. What’s that saying? Good things never last, bad things never die. He won’t die that easily,” Lucas said faintly.

Catherine snorted a laugh. “That’s right, darling. Go to bed early. Mommy hasn’t rested for several days now.”

“Mm.” Lucas looked at his mommy’s sleeping face and narrowed his eyes.

Even if Mommy did not care, he would give back the hurt that Mommy suffered today a thousand times

… to his so-called father.

At the same time.

Sarah kept calling Shaun but he did not answer. The reply she got was an automated voice telling her that his phone was turned off.

She called Chester, but he did not answer as well. Her calls to Rodney were also left unconnected.

She lost her temper in the villa and screamed in anger.

She never expected that in just one night, the three young masters in the capital would all not answer her calls. After all, in the past, the three of them had cradled her in the palms of their hands.

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