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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 905

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 905

Late at night in the clubhouse.

When Chester finally found Shaun, he was already drunk. However, the man was still holding a bottle o f liquor in his hand and pouring the contents into his mouth.

“Stop drinking. Your stomach won’t be able to stand it.” Chester took away the bottle of wine.

“Give me the bottle!” Shaun’s drunken eyes were slightly red. He patted his chest hard and his voice was hoarse. “Only the stomachache will make it so it doesn’t hurt as much here. I’m not a f*cking human. How could I have… hurt her like that?”

There was a complicated look in Chester’s eyes. Despite knowing Shaun for so long, it was the first time he saw Shaun… crying.

He was really crying.

“Don’t say that.” Chester sat beside him and lit a cigarette. “No one expected Logan Law to be framed.”

“Chester, do you think… this was all Sarah’s doing?” Shaun looked at him blankly. “I don’t want to suspect her, but if she hadn’t said that she wanted Logan’s finger, I wouldn’t have chopped it off. If Thomas hadn’t asked me to take on the lawsuit, I wouldn’t have appeared in court today. It’s because of all this that I can’t go back to Catherine.”

“I don’t know either, but if it’s really Sarah, then the way she hides her true colors is too f*cking scary. I’m afraid not many people can scheme using death. But there really is no trace of those people. Sarah and Thomas shouldn’t have such ability.”

Chester took a large breath. He also grew up with Sarah and thought of her as a younger sister in his heart. In his mind, she was simple, innocent, and kind.

However, all the things that had happened recently also made him begin to suspect that maybe Sarah had changed.

“If it’s not her, then who is trying to use Logan to get Catherine and me to break up? Who would benefit from Catherine and me breaking up?” Shaun’s lips curved. He did not want to suspect Sarah either, but he had to admit that it was possible that Sarah had planned this incident.

Even if it was not her, after the incident, the Neeson siblings had deliberately fanned the flames to worsen the conflict between him and Catherine.

Unfortunately, he was not rational enough to think about it then because he sympathized with Sarah too much.

“The spectators see the chess game better than the players.” Shaun smiled bitterly. “Before, I didn’t understand why Grandpa Derek wanted to hold Rodney back. Maybe it’s because he could see it more clearly than we do.”

“Yes, if Rodney had been around, with his temper, Logan… might have lost his life.” Chester’s heart got colder the more he thought about it.

It seemed as if there was a force behind this manipulation. The three of them were usually good at strategizing and planning, but it seemed that they were always unable to stay calm when Sarah was involved. Thinking about it, it was too terrifying.

“Chester, in the future… stay away from Sarah.” Shaun felt cold inside. “Whether or not this has anything to do with her, I feel that she’s not that simple.”

“That’s something you should tell yourself. You’re the one who has the deepest ties to her. ” Chester shook his head. “As for Rodney, he’ll probably never believe it.”

“That’s up to him, but… In the future, I won’t let Rodney harm Cathy anymore…” After Shaun spoke, he smiled sadly. “Forget it. The one who has hurt her the most is me.”

“Shaun, let go. Don’t look for her anymore.” Chester suddenly felt that he had gone too overboard with Catherine. Although he had not caused trouble for her like Rodney, he had thought that she was a vicious woman in his heart.

Especially when Catherine got close to Charity. He disliked Catherine even more then and thought that birds of a feather flock together.

Thinking about it now, he had gone too far.

“No, I’m going to beg for her forgiveness. ” Shaun grabbed the bottle and drank until his stomach could no longer endure the severe pain. He rushed to the washroom and vomited heavily. There was even blood mixed in the bile.


Chester let out a low curse and hurriedly sent him to the hospital.

The doctor diagnosed it as gastrointestinal perforation and said immediate surgery was required.

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