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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 903

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 903

“Eldest Young Master Hill, you should forget about Miss Jones and go your separate ways.” Hadley sighed in his heart. He had warned Eldest Young Master Hill that night, but unfortunately, he did not listen. Eldest Young Master Hill believed Sarah too much.

He regretted it now, but there was no medicine for regret in the world.

“Forget her?” Shaun suddenly looked up, getting u p and grabbing Hadley’s collar. He looked like a lion that was about to collapse. “How am I supposed to forget her?! ”

“When you helped Ms. Neeson with her lawsuit, haven’t you already stopped thinking about a future with Miss Jones? In that case, you should’ve been mentally prepared a long time ago, ” Hadley reminded him.

Shaun froze. Hadley’s voice was like a fierce slap on his face.

Yes, he had decided not to love Catherine anymore before, so why could he not let her go now? Why did

he feel like thousands of ants were gnawing on his heart?

Hadley continued, “Do you feel sorry for Miss Jones? But to her, the best apology is to stop disturbing her. She’s right. If she weren’t close to you, maybe she wouldn’t have gotten hurt so much.”

“Hadley… ” Shaun glared at him. He never thought that Hadley would have the courage to say such a thing to him.

“Eldest Young Master Hill, I’m sorry. I might have overstepped with my words today.” Hadley smiled bitterly. “As a bystander, I think that Miss Jones is too pitiful. Before you divorced her, you let Yael undress her in front of Irving and the others. You managed to deal with Yael and made Miss Jones feel a little touched, but this kidnapping incident has ruined her hope. You asked her to forgive you, but how will she face Logan and his missing finger in the future?”

“Yes, she told me herself that a finger can’t grow back.”

Shaun smiled sadly as he stumbled back two steps. He turned to leave.

“Eldest Young Master Hill…” Hadley wanted to chase after him.

Shaun said wearily, “Go. I want some quiet time alone.”

In the sports car, Freya shouted excitedly, “Cathy, do you think Shaun Hill will doubt Sarah this time?”

“I’m not sure, but I think Sarah will try everything to clear herself of suspicion.” Catherine never dared to underestimate Sarah.

“That’s true. I thought you completely won Shaun over the last time, but who would’ve expected her to come up with a kidnapping case?”

Freya clicked her tongue. “Shaun is definitely regretting it right now. I think he’ll come looking for you again. You didn’t see his face when we left the court. The remorse and sadness in his eyes…

Hehe, how satisfying.”

“Unfortunately, no matter how satisfying it is, Logan’s finger is still gone.” Catherine could not help but lift her beautiful and slender fingers.

When Freya saw this, her heart was struck by sadness. “It’s okay. Sooner or later, we’ll deal with Sarah and her brother.”

“You should be careful,” Catherine reminded her,“ Sarah can be a lunatic. She even attempted suicide in order to gain Shaun’s trust. This kind of woman is terrifying.”

“Yeah, I’ll watch out.”

Freya saw Wesley’s handsome figure standing outside Hackett Institute from a distance. “ Have you really decided to marry Wesley?”

“Yeah, he’s really good to me. I don’t want to let him down anymore.” Catherine looked at the figure and her eyes shone with a gentle light.

Freya was stunned. She could feel that after this incident, Catherine was really treating Wesley differently. In the past, she often resisted when they walked together, but now, she no longer was.

Wesley had gained an advantage this time, right?

“Well, that’s good. Men like him are really rare. But if Shaun finds out, will he threaten you to separate like before?” Freya asked worriedly.

“That’s why I’m not going to make it public. At least, not until we register.” Catherine smiled faintly.

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