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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 902

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 902

Shaun’s chest ached at Freya’s words.

He looked at Catherine’s cold face and suddenly remembered that just a short while ago, the two of them were still swimming at Mount Wellington.

Her bright and clear eyes, the way she occasionally acted coquettishly with him, and how sweet her laugh was…

How did it all change in the blink of an eye?


“You don’t have to say that you’re sorry.” Catherine’s clear and cold voice interrupted him. “ Because I’ll never forgive you.”

“You’d better go protect your precious Sarah, ” Freya mockingly said, “After all, if something happens to her, you’ll always and unconditionally go out of your way to accompany her and protect her. Shaun Hill, in your eyes, Sarah’s position is just too special. Why can’t you admit it?

“On the one hand, you think you don’t love her, yet you want to protect her. On the other hand, you want Catherine’s love, yet you want her to come back to you no matter how much you hurt her. Do you think you’re filming a drama?”

Shaun’s delicate and handsome face became pale.

Freya was indescribably happy at his expression. “By the way, I accidentally heard that you gave Sarah a house, a car, and billions of dollars when you broke up with her? My God. That must be the world’s

most expensive break-up fee. May I ask what you gave to Cathy when you divorced her?”

“Cathy, I won’t do it again. I swear! ” Shaun panicked.

The more Freya spoke, the more he became acutely aware that he had been unfair to Catherine.

“Stop swearing. Your promises make me sick. Shaun Hill, stay away from me in the future. What you can give me isn’t happiness; it’s pain that drives me into the abyss time and again. I can never forgive you, so don’ t come looking for me again. You disgust me.”

Catherine went into the elevator without looking back.

Shaun’s legs felt like they were filled with lead when he faced her hateful eyes. He tried to approach her but was unable to move.

It was not until she left that he felt that his body was drained of all energy.

He did not know how he walked out of the courthouse.

He walked alone on the street for a long time until he was tired of walking. He sat on a chair by the street like a puppet without a soul.

Hadley walked over with an umbrella. “Eldest Young Master Hill, it’s too sunny. You should go back to the car first.”

“Hadley, do you think she’ll forgive me?” Shaun looked down at his hands.

These hands had cut off Logan’s finger.

She had begged him time and again to believe her.

What about him? He said that he loved her, but he never once gave her an ounce of trust.

He even inflicted all the wounds that Sarah suffered on Catherine. He tried to lock Logan and her in the basement as well.

If Catherine had not used Suzie to escape with Logan, maybe he would never have realized the truth.

It was no wonder she had asked why he was not locked up in the mental hospital with so much resentment.

How could he be so blind?

Yes, how did he become so blind? What kind of madness was he afflicted with for him to hurt a woman he loved like that?

Hadley looked at Shaun’s absent-minded appearance and realized that it was his first time seeing Shaun like this. It was as if he had lost his most beloved treasure and was at a loss.

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