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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 901

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 901

When he thought about it carefully, did Sarah lose her chastity to Logan? No. On the contrary, what about Logan? His finger was cut off, he became addicted to drugs, and his body was scarred.

“ Shaun, you don’t believe me?” Sarah miserably looked at him with a pale face.

Shaun also stared at her.

This was the woman he used to love. Even if he did not love her anymore, he also wanted to protect her well. However, he suddenly found that he could not understand her at all anymore.

Lucifer was the first time he felt this way.

As for this time, she was suddenly kidnapped just as Catherine and he were getting along well. Then, everything changed.

If not for these siblings, he would not have cut off Logan’s finger and he would not have taken on this lawsuit either.

If all this was really planned by Sarah, it would make his hair stand on end.

“Sarah, your case will be officially taken over by the police in the future. They’ll try their best to help you find the two kidnappers. I’ve already broken up with you, so don’t come to me again in the future. ”

Shaun lowered his eyes and finished speaking before stepping away, preparing to leave.

Sarah grabbed his arm and cried out, “Shaun, it doesn’t matter if others doubt me, but we’ve known each other for 20 years. Don’t you believe me? I’m just a weak woman. How could I have the ability to kidnap Logan Law? His combat ability is on par with Chance Ziegler’s. Besides, I really didn’t know that Logan was also kidnapped. The first thing I saw when I opened my eyes was him.”

“That’s right, ” Thomas hurriedly said, “Even if I mess around, I only mess around with some small punks. I’ve never touched drugs before. These people are obviously an organized force. What would happen if they lay their hands on Sarah again?”

Sarah looked at Thomas in appreciation. This guy had finally said something useful.

Shaun’s temples twitched at the siblings’ yelling.

He had never been so fed up before. He felt like he was floating in mid-air, powerless and fearful.

He became especially jittery when he saw Catherine walking out of the courtroom.

“I’ll find someone to protect you for some time, but please don’t contact me again.”

Shaun shook off Sarah’s arm. “Sarah, you have to get it clear. When I broke up with you, I gave you a house, a car, and billions of dollars in cash. As for you, Thomas, I’ve protected your family for so many years and even saved you multiple times. I don’t owe you anymore.”

Sarah’s face showed defeat and was pale as snow. Her tears came streaming down.

However, Shaun was unable to care. He was too tired because he realized that his bond with Sarah had completely ruined the feelings that Catherine and he painstakingly built.

“Sarah, stop tying your life and death to me.”

Shaun retreated step by step and turned around to g o after Catherine without looking back.

In the corridor, Freya and Catherine stood waiting for the elevator.

Shaun took big strides toward Catherine. His pace was eager, but before he got close, Austin blocked him.

“Get out of the way. I need to talk to her.”

Shaun only stared at Catherine anxiously. He realized that even though only a few days had passed without seeing her, she had become haggard. Her eyes were red and bloodshot. Plus, there were dark circles under her eyes.

She must have been very worried about Logan’s case and probably did not sleep for several nights.

His heart ached fiercely.

He had forced all this to happen. If he had more trust in her, things would not have come to this.

Freya sneered, “Eldest Young Master Hill, how can you be so shameless to come over here? When you hurt Cathy, you were ruthless and merciless, calling her a vicious woman. You didn’t spare her the slightest affection. Now that you’ve realized you misunderstood her, you want to come and make peace again?”

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