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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 900

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 900

“No, I should be saying sorry to you instead.” Catherine’s eyes fell on his missing finger and deep guilt surged in her eyes. “If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have been targeted in the first place.”

“That’s normal. I only blame myself for being too careless.” Logan smiled bitterly. “I only realized something when you showed the footage just now. The backs of the two kidnappers were similar to those men who were involved with Lucifer’s death that night.”

Catherine was stunned. “Looks like they’re the same group of people. It’s a shame that we still haven’t uncovered the person behind Sarah.”

“We have to take it one step at a time.” Logan hissed. “My wound hurts too much. I should go back to the hospital.”

“Come back after getting better,” Catherine reminded him in a low voice.

“Yeah. Austin, take good care of the boss. If anything happens to her, I’ll make you pay when I come back,” Logan warned before leaving with the police.

On the other hand, Shaun sat in the chair expressionlessly. His eyes were locked on Catherine.

Everyone thought that he was upset because his reputation as a legendary lawyer was lost because of a small lawyer.

This was not true. It was not that he did not have a chance to win. With his eloquence, he could have found a reason to fight back no matter what the evidence was.

However, when the evidence was laid out in front of him, he realized that Logan might really have been framed.

In fact, he should have investigated it clearly from the beginning. It was just that in the cave that day, he had seen Logan assaulting Sarah and causing her to attempt suicide. Hence, he jumped to conclusions.

Later, he learned that Logan worked for Catherine. In addition, Logan and Catherine had met in a bar the other day, so he thought Catherine had given him the order.

It was because Catherine had a criminal motive, and she hated Sarah and him.

He forgot about collecting fingerprints from the car and forgot that there was no footage that showed Logan’s face during the entire process of the kidnapping.

It was all a conspiracy.

Maybe Mr. O’Neill was right. It was a conspiracy to completely destroy the relationship that Catherine and he had just established.

In fact, it should not have gone this far. When did it start?

When he cut off Logan’s finger?

When he decided to personally take on the lawsuit for Sarah?

Both Elle and Hadley had said that Catherine treated Logan like a family member. In the end, he cut off her family member’s finger.

Hadley had said that if he took on the lawsuit for Sarah, it would bring their relationship to a complete end.

His every ruthless step had pushed their relationship over the edge.

However, he had not wanted to do these things either. It was Sarah who said that she wanted

Logan’s finger, and it was Thomas who said only he could win the lawsuit or Logan would get away with it. Hence, he agreed.

“Shaun, let’s go…”

Sarah uneasily and apprehensively watched his handsome face go blank. He was lost in thought, and then he suddenly became cold and gloomy.

She reached out to grab his hand, but before she could, he avoided her.

Her body stiffened, and Thomas quickly said, “ Eldest Young Master Hill, why are you like this? Sarah is already very miserable. Hasn’t she been hurt enough today?”

“Yes, she’s already very miserable.” Shaun smiled.

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