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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 899

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 899

“It’s related to me?” Shaun frowned subconsciously.

“Yes.” Mr. O’Neill nodded. “Logan Law is Miss Catherine Jones’ bodyguard. As far as I know, you were dating Miss Jones until some days ago and Sarah Neeson is your ex-girlfriend. You caught Logan Law trying to assault Sarah Neeson red- handed, so you thought that it was Catherine Jones who asked Logan Law to do it.

“Therefore, you flew into a rage and had a fierce conflict with Miss Jones. The two of you even broke up again. You went to Sarah Neeson, the victim, again out of guilt. At the same time, you decided in your heart that Catherine Jones was a vicious woman not worthy of your love— ”

“What do you mean by that?” Sarah stood up in agitation. “ I was almost ruined by someone else, but you’re speaking as if I deliberately framed Logan Low. Please, look at my injuries. I almost died. If I had known that I would be vilified like this, I should never have let the doctor save me in the first place.”

“Sarah, calm down.” Thomas immediately grabbed her. “Don’t be rash. Your Honor, that’s simply impossible. My sister slammed her head on the wall to kill herself due to the unbearable humiliation. She would’ve died if she wasn’t sent to the hospital in time.”

“What a coincidence,” Freya suddenly stood up and said loudly, “I remember that one of the witnesses is Chester Jewell, a world-famous doctor, right?

How could she have died?”

As soon as this remark was uttered, everyone began to look at Sarah differently.

Shaun’s brain felt like it was close to exploding.

A thought he had not dared to imagine flashed by.

What if all this was indeed deliberately planned by Sarah? Yes, she had attempted suicide at that time, but Chester was there. It was impossible that she would die.

However, not many women could plot such a ruthless scheme, right?

“That’s enough, stop talking! ” Sarah interrupted with a pained cry. “What you’re saying is that I framed Logan Law, but what about the evidence? Have you ever thought that if the people who came to save me at that time were even a minute later, I would’ve really been ruined? How many women would dare to sacrifice their innocence and gamble with their own bodies? You have no idea how much pain I’ve been in lately.”

She cried bitterly.

The judge frowned and looked at Mr. O’Neill warningly. “Do you have evidence for what you said?”

“I’m just guessing. After all, there needs to be a motive for Logan Law to be framed, but it’s certain that it was another person who kidnapped Ms. Neeson. Mr. Law is also a victim.”

The judge nodded. “I declare that Logan Law is not guilty of the crime. As for Sarah Neeson’s real kidnapper, I will hand these videos and information to the police to investigate the two suspicious people. In addition, after Logan Law’s injuries have healed, he’s to be sent to the drug rehabilitation center.”

After the court hearing, everyone was stunned.

Everyone could not believe that an unknown lawyer like Mr. O’Neill had defeated the industry legend, Shaun Hill.

Mr. O’Neill was even more excited. “Miss Jones,

this is incredible! I actually defeated Shaun Hill! Hahahaha, am I dreaming?”

“It’s not a dream, Mr. O’Neill. Thank you.” Catherine was sincerely grateful.

“No, no, no, I know I didn’t do anything. It’s because you found all the evidence.” Mr. O’Neill laughed.

At the same time, Logan also limped over. His handsome and unruly face appeared emotional. “ Boss, there’s nothing else to say. I’ll live as your subordinate for the rest of my life. Even my ghost will belong to you.”

Austin laughed. “Yeah. The boss had less than three hours of sleep for five consecutive nights because of you.”

“Thank you.” Logan’s eyes were red.

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