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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 898

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 898

Shaun pursed his thin lips sharply.

He knew that as a lawyer, Sarah would definitely lose if he did not speak up.

However, when the evidence was in front of him, it forced him to falter.

Thomas anxiously advised when he saw that Shaun was not moving. “Eldest Young Master Hill, hurry up and defend Sarah. Logan will be released if you don’t argue back.”

Mr. O’Neill saw this and said, “Mr. Hill, I know you’re a famous legend in the legal world and have never lost, but as you said, lawyers also need to be conscientious. In terms of sophistry, I’m definitely inferior to you.

“However, there are many points of doubt in this case. Logan Law is just a young man who’s only 21 years old. If he ends up going to jail for this, he’d have missed the golden years of his life after he’s released. The most tragic thing is that he’s clearly a victim. He was drugged when he was in the cave. ”

When this remark was spoken, the audience was in a n uproar.

Shaun’s chest heaved. What Liam said suddenly flashed in his mind. The police were investigating the case, but he had not even given Catherine a chance to clear her name.

His mind suddenly went blank.

His eyes subconsciously looked at Catherine who was sitting in the audience, but she was not even looking at him. She was only focused on Mr. O’Neill.

His heart surged with an overwhelming sense of uncertainty and loss.

He had never felt this way before.

At that time, Mr. O’Neill spoke again, “This is the blood test report from the hospital. Logan Law was tested positive for drug addiction, but his blood composition showed that he had only taken drugs very, very few times. In other words, that day was most likely his first time, but he was injected with a strong drug that caused him hallucinations, which was why he assaulted Sarah Neeson.”

“Let me see. ” The judge reached out and took Mr. O’Neill’s report.

After Mr. O’Neill took a sip of water, he concluded, “

Actually, the sequence of events in this case is very simple. Logan Law ate the meal delivered to him by the delivery man in the apartment and fainted. Two people then brought him to the cave and drugged him. After waking up, Ms. Neeson was also there and he lost control.”

The judge looked at the pale Sarah. “ Plaintiff, do you still remember what happened in the cave at that time?”

Sarah’s brain was buzzing. She knew that with so much evidence, it would be difficult to convict Logan. Now, the most important thing was to clear their suspicions of her.

“I… I had also fainted, and when I woke up, I was in the cave. When I opened my eyes, I saw that Logan Law was trying to… take off my clothes.”

Thomas swore in anger, “In other words, Logan Law was trying to assault my sister!”

“Audience, be quiet! ” The judge gave Thomas a warning glare.

Sarah nearly vomited blood. Thomas never knew how to judge the situation. He would die because of his stupidity sooner or later.

Mr. O’Neill smiled. “As far as I know, Ms. Neeson and Logan Law are also somewhat involved.”

“We don’t have any connections. I don’t know him at all. Shaun, say something.” Sarah anxiously pulled on the silent Shaun.

Thomas also said, “Yeah, Eldest Young Master Hill. If you lose this lawsuit, you’ll become a laughing stock.”

Shaun was distracted and tightened his fist. He was just about to open his mouth when Mr. O’Neill spoke first, “Mr. Hill, in fact, this involvement is related to you. Do you want to hear it?”

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