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Let me go Mr Hill

Let me go, Mr. Hill By Shallow South Chapter 897

Let me go, Mr. Hill [by Shallow South] Chapter 897

“There is— ”

Mr. O’Neill had not finished speaking. However, Shaun suddenly said harshly, “Mr. O’Neill, you said that the witnesses saw this scene early in the morning but I remember that the morning sky nowadays isn’t bright, much less in the forest where the incident happened. You said the witness saw Sarah Neeson walking into the forest behind two men and was not kidnapped. In that lighting, could they have seen clearly if Sarah Neeson didn’t have her hands tied?”

Mr. O’Neill was stunned for a moment. “ I think we can let them come to court first…”

Shaun said aggressively, “The local farmers must be very short of money. It’d be easy to buy them off with money to get them to change their confessions.”

“I object…”

Shaun sneered, “Mr. O’Neill, I don’t need to remind you that buying false witnesses is illegal. In fact,

it’s ridiculous for them to say in their statements that Sarah Neeson wasn’t tied up with anything.

“Your Honor, please take a look at my client’s hands. The bruises on her hands are still fresh. These marks were due to her hands being bound that day.”

Shaun lifted Sarah’s hands as he spoke, and Sarah immediately bit her lip. Her eyes reddened, causing the people in the courtroom to pity her.

Shaun continued to attack coldly, saying, “Whether you’re a lawyer or a person, there should be a bottom line. My client has suffered a lot of injuries this time, but now, you’re implying that she deliberately framed Logan Law. You’re going too far.”

“Yes, that’s a little overboard.”

The people in the audience whispered.

Catherine stared at Shaun, her beautiful eyes showing disgust.

Freya was furious. “Shaun Hill is really despicable. He’s inciting the judge’s emotions and making him have a negative impression of Mr. O’Neill. The witnesses Austin tried so hard to find can’t even enter the courthouse now.”

“With Shaun’s eloquence and aura, I’m guessing that even if those eyewitnesses came in, he’d make them appear as if they had been bribed by us.

Fortunately, Wesley found more evidence for us, or we’d definitely lose, ” Catherine lamented.

“Wesley is still the best. Shaun Hill is just a pile of dogsh*t,” Freya cussed.

Catherine frowned deeply as her body tensed up.

Just when everyone thought that Mr. O’Neill was at a loss, he said again, “Mr. Hill, we’ve never bought any witnesses. You may not be aware, but we’ve found the vehicle that was used to kidnap Ms. Sarah Neeson. It’s this black one, right?”

Mr. O’Neill took out a photo. Shaun looked at it and nodded.

Sarah suddenly had a very bad feeling.

Mr. O’Neill said, “We got the attorney-general’s department to do the appraisal. What’s strange is that there was a large bag in the backseat of the kidnapper’s car that’s exactly the same as the one photographed by the dashcam before.”

Mr. O’Neill let the court personnel bring up the first video footage submitted before and paused it at the specific scene. The large bag carried by the delivery man and the other man in the frame was identical to the large bag in the photo of the car.

Shaun’s handsome face changed slightly. His slender fingers could not help but grab the pen on the table, gripping it tightly.

Mr. O’Neill said, “In addition, Logan Law’s fingerprints were found inside the bag but the fingerprints on the handles of the bag don’t belong to my client but two unknown men.

“ In other words, you claim that it was Logan Law who kidnapped Ms. Sarah Neeson, but when she was kidnapped, Mr. Law was stuffed in a bag. Could there be such a kidnapper, Mr. Hill? Or are you trying to say that this is something my client has staged?”

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